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lockdown weeds

There are so many things that have been neglected because of coronavirus through no fault of their own. Sadly, weeds in public spaces are one of them! Usually, council workers would make weed control one of their top priorities in the run-up to spring/summer, but a lot of the workers have been required to provide other, more essential services so the weeds have been left to grow wild. 

One report from Gloucester shows just how bad weeds have been left to get in some areas of the city. Does this look similar to a public place close to you? Or does this level of overgrown weeds echo the situation in your back garden. No one can blame you for letting your weeds get a little bit out of control over the last year - we've all had bigger things on our plates. That being said, now is a great time to start thinking about getting some professional help to eradicate those well-developed weeds. 

Here at Taylor Total Weed Control, we offer a range of services that will help you get your garden in tip-top shape for 2021, so if you can no longer bear to look at the small jungle developing on your doorstep, give us a call and ask about some of the services mentioned below.

Weed Shrub and Bramble Clearance

Designed to tackle a variety of overgrown plants in your garden, this service will help you get rid of weeds, shrubs, brambles and other plant life that may have got a bit out of hand during lockdown. 

Our technicians can offer you advice on how to keep your unwanted plants and weeds at bay in the future, or you can request a comprehensive maintenance program to take the task of maintaining your garden weeds out of your hands completely.

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Japanese Knotweed Removal

Some overgrown weeds are more sinister than others, if you've seen Japanese knotweed cropping up in your garden during lockdown then it's vital that you get it seen to as quickly as possible. 

Japanese knotweed is known to cause structural damage to paths, driveways and even buildings if you don't get it treated quickly and professionally. We can remove the Japanese knotweed from your land and prevent it from coming back with a long term maintenance plan. Read more by clicking the button below:

Japanese Knotweed Removal >

Vegetation Management

With so many people working from home, general maintenance of office buildings and commercial properties and the surrounding areas have also been neglected. Luckily, we offer a vegetation management service that will help you get overgrown vegetation under control. 

We can provide vegetation management services to land and commercial property owners across South Wales and South West England. In the past, we've worked with local authorities, sports clubs and housing associations, so no job is too big or unmanageable.

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So, here are a few different ways that you can use our services to get overgrown weeds and shrubs under control.  We are still offering our services and our technicians will abide by social distancing rules at all times to get the job done while keeping you safe!

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