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Our Services

We service the South Wales area, including Cardiff, Swansea and Newport, assisting homeowners and businesses in a number of ways:


Commercial Lawn Care

We work with a wide range of clients from Local authorities to charitable trusts

Weed Control Contractors

We use the appropriate products to control all weeds and vegetation

Japanese Knotweed Removal

We can offer a comprehensive range of services including removal of Japanese knotweed and a commercial knotweed survey.

Sports Ground/Pitch Maintenance

Our cost-effective service can be tailored to meet the budget requirements of most of our clients

Commercial Moss Removal

Professional, qualified moss removal treatments for commercial & residential units

Commercial Weed Control

Commercial weed control solutions for large and small businesses in South Wales

Highway Weed Control

Roadside weed removal services by our fully qualified, certified team

Residential Weed Removal

Affordable, efficient residential & property weed removal services

As Problematic And Difficult As Weeds Are they can be safely, effectively and relatively cheaply removed!

Taylor Total Weed Control Ltd is an established provider of safe and cost-effective weed, algae, moss and vegetation control across South Wales, including the Cardiff, Swansea and Newport areas.

Our methods are tailor-made to suit all environments from industrial estates, housing estates, domestic dwellings to sports fields, paddocks and development sites.

  • We can control weeds in residential lawns.
  • We control weeds, grasses and moss on hard surfaces including patios, driveways, pavements and car parks.
  • We can assist with vegetation clearance on small gardens to large plots of land.
  • Weed control on paddocks, livery stables and small holdings for both commercial and residential premises.
  • Removal of docks, bracken-brambles, ragwort, buttercup and all undesirable weeds.
  • We can spray your grazing areas to control all weeds and encourage grass and clover to grow.

Types Of Weed

These are four of the most common types of weed that we find in gardens, lawns and patios across South Wales:


These weeds often have more than one lifecycle per year, so ordinary weedkillers are not effective.


These are another weed that grow and flower rapidly. They seed in the winter overwinter as seed and come back throughout the year.


They are persistent and prone to becoming more and more problematic as time goes on. Perennial weeds are cause the most disturbance to your lawn and garden.

Rhizomes And Tubers

If these are damaged, the problems get even worse than before you started. This is especially common with weeds like Bindweed.

We are not like other weed treatment companies! We have professional weed removal solutions and moss control across Wales, including the Cardiff, Bridgend, Swansea and Newport areas. So whether you're looking for a weed killer company or expert weed control services, we have it covered!

Our experienced staff have essential weed removal knowledge and have the most effective techniques to prevent them from returning in the future. Our specialists have many years of experience in dealing with all weeds. The team can tackle any challenge with our range of high-quality treatment programmes.

Our service is user-friendly, efficient, and will save you money; it's cheaper for us to do it properly than doing it yourself. We have many satisfied customers all over South Wales and South West England, who have complimented us on the cost of the rapid improvements of their lawn health.

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Types Of Root

Each weed found across South Wales have a different type of root. It's important that they are completely removed to prevent further spreading.

Tap Roots

The main root is very thick and dives deep into the soil to absorb water and nutrients. Plants with tap roots include dandelion, dock and thistle.

Deep Roots

Their roots go even deeper than tap rooted plants and can extend more than a meter down in the soil. Deep-rooted plants include Japanese Knotweed and horsetail.

Woody Scrub

These plants self-seed and grow quickly to form tough, robust root systems. ‘Woody scrub’ describes brambles, sycamore and ivy.


Another weed that spreads fast if not controlled properly. Lesser celandine, oxalis and Spanish bluebells are propagated by small bulbils.

Creeping Roots

Plants with creeping roots spread out horizontally instead of vertically, killing your grass. Examples include chickweed, clover, couch grass, creeping buttercup and speedwell, and are common in most UK lawns.

Brittle Roots

The roots of bindweed, ground elder, creeping thistle and willowherb break easily, producing shoots from the smallest pieces.

As the leading weed removal company in Cardiff, Swansea and across South Wales, we are able to identify all types of weed that have invaded your garden and have appropriate removal methods for each species.

Eradicate Your Weeds Now

Cheap, Cost-Effective Weed and Vegetation Control

Weed/Moss Removal & Japanese Knotweed Control in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea & South Wales

We can offer a comprehensive range of services including site clearance, removal and control of Japanese knotweed and other noxious weeds. Whether it be on a one-off basis or on a regular program.
We work with a wide range of clients from Local authorities, charitable trusts, various sports clubs, housing associations and facility management companies. Our cost-effective service can be tailored to meet the budget requirements of most for our clients.

We use the appropriate products to control all weeds and vegetation including invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed, Ragwort, Brambles, Marestail and all common lawn weeds.

Herbicides and Weed Removal

Some herbicides will only have an effect on the foliage of the part of the plant that appears above the ground, leaving the roots untouched and ready to grow back which is a non-effective control technique.
We firstly survey the area and identify the right herbicides to use to make sure the weeds never grow back. The products we use are systemic (they are absorbed through the leaf foliage and penetrate into the stem, reaching the roots where they begin to control the plant growth).

Systemic herbicides have a far more effective level of control as they control the weeds/plants from the root up.

Take Advantage of Our Free Survey

Our treatment survey is open to all commercial customers in the greater South Wales area. Simply give us a call and we’ll arrange a convenient time to carry out a detailed examination and survey. We’ll leave you with the results of the survey and a no obligation quotation should any work be required.

We carry out our free survey on the area you want treated, from small gardens to paddocks and car parking areas.

Whatever you or your company needs we can produce a solution and action plan to remedy your weed problem that’s fast, efficient, and economically realistic.

We Can Survey Within 48 Hours

Our Ongoing Commitment and Services

We keep up to date with improvements in products, application techniques and equipment to ensure we offer a professional efficient service to our customers.

Our Services
  • Commercial Weed Control
  • Commercial Moss Removal
  • Sports Ground/Pitch Maintenance
  • Japanese Knotweed Removal
  • Professional Grass Treatment
  • Commercial Lawn Care
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