Worried about Japanese knotweed? Book a site survey and we’ll send an invasive weed specialist to take a look.
Knotweed Comprehensive Survey

Japanese Knotweed Reports

If you find out there’s a Japanese knotweed problem at a property you’re trying to buy or sell, don’t worry – Total Weed Control are here to help. You will need to provide a Japanese knotweed report that shows the property has been surveyed by professionals and that there’s an appropriate treatment programme in place.
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How can Total Weed Control help me?

Here at Total Weed Control, we have surveyed hundreds of properties prior to purchase or sale, so we know exactly what mortgage lenders expect from a Japanese knotweed mortgage report.

Our invasive weed specialists can create a comprehensive Japanese knotweed report that outlines the affected area, the proximity to the house and the mortgage-compliant treatment options available to you. Request a Quote Now!

How much do Japanese knotweed reports cost?

The type of report you need depends on the requirements of your mortgage lender. If you’re not 100% sure whether the property you’re looking to buy / sell has a Japanese knotweed problem, a basic survey and quote might suffice.

However, in most cases where the Japanese knotweed infestation is known, mortgage lenders require you to obtain a detailed report that outlines the extent of the infestation and the most appropriate treatment plan. In this scenario, we would recommend our comprehensive survey.

Basic Survey

A basic visit and Japanese knotweed treatment quote
Knotweed Basic Survey
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Comprehensive Survey

A comprehensive survey report and detailed Japanese knotweed management plan (JKMP)
Knotweed Comprehensive Survey
£250 +VAT

How long does it take to produce a Japanese knotweed mortgage report?

Mortgage Report Time Scale We understand it can be frustrating when your purchase or sale is put on hold due to Japanese knotweed. That’s why we strive to get your Japanese knotweed report sent over as soon as possible.

We will be able to advise you on the best course of action when we attend your property, so you can start to evaluate your options right away. We aim to get our comprehensive survey reports prepared within 1 working day of our initial visit.

Insurance-backed guarantees

Some lenders might require you to show proof of an insurance-backed guarantee. We can help with that too. Insurance-backed guarantees show the lender that your property will receive the full course of treatment, even in the unlikely event that your chosen Japanese knotweed treatment provider ceases trading. Learn More

Japanese knotweed: further advice

If you decide to use Total Weed Control for your Japanese knotweed mortgage report and treatment plan, we’ll help to make the process simple and stress-free.

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