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Japanese Knotweed Removal

If there’s Japanese knotweed on your property and you need to eradicate it ASAP, we offer a range of Japanese knotweed removal options to suit your needs.

In most cases, we recommend herbicide application over excavation and removal (see Japanese knotweed control for more information). Treating the plant with herbicide is significantly cheaper and less disruptive than mechanical removal—not only does the latter option require the use of heavy machinery, it also means paying for the knotweed to be transported to a special landfill site for safe disposal.

However, we recognise that – in certain circumstances – a full course of herbicide treatments simply isn’t feasible. For example, if a site needs to be cleared in preparation for construction, you may not have time for herbicides to take effect.

In these situations, our Japanese knotweed specialists can physically remove the plant from the site in question and dispose of it in accordance with UK guidelines. Please contact Taylor Total Weed Control today to discuss your requirements with a qualified Japanese knotweed expert.
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How Much Does Japanese Knotweed Removal Cost?

The cost of Japanese knotweed removal varies widely depending on the size and type of site to be cleared.

To give you a rough idea of our prices, we typically charge around £850 (plus VAT) per square metre. This estimate is based on sites with a minimum area of 10 to 15 square metres.

Also, because landfill space is running out, the government have levied a tax of approximately £85 per tonne of Japanese knotweed waste on top of the cost of haulage and excavation.

On request, we can sift the soil using a unique mobile plant to remove Japanese knotweed fragments. This dramatically reduces the amount of excavated waste that needs to be taken to landfill.

Again, we recommend Japanese knotweed control over removal in the vast majority of cases because it’s so much more cost-effective.

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How to Get Rid of Japanese Knotweed

Excavation and disposal

Your Japanese knotweed (and the surrounding soil) will be dug up and disposed of at an approved landfill site.

Excavation and relocation

Your Japanese knotweed (and the surrounding soil) will be relocated to a different part of the site, then treated with herbicide. Ideal if you are planning to build on the affected area

Excavation and burial

Your Japanese knotweed (and the surrounding soil) will be placed in a special weed-proof membrane and buried in a hole dug on the site.

Contact Taylor Total Weed Control now to book an initial survey and discuss which of our Japanese knotweed removal services would best suit your requirements.