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Japanese knotweed is one of the most infamous invasive species in the UK, known for its rapid spreading and difficulty to remove.

If you’ve found yourself with Japanese Knotweed on your property, you may be researching the range of different knotweed removal services available to you; perhaps you’re even interested in finding out if it’s possible for you to remove the knotweed yourself. So, can Japanese knotweed be removed by anyone?


Who Can Remove Japanese Knotweed?

Legally, there are no legal limitations as to who can and cannot try and remove Japanese Knotweed.

However, just because anyone can try and remove knotweed doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the best idea. If Japanese knotweed removal was easy, it probably wouldn’t be such a well known and despised plant. As such, when it comes to Japanese knotweed, it is generally NOT advised for an individual who isn’t a trained professional to try and remove the knotweed themselves.


Why Should Knotweed by Removed by Professionals?

There is no shortage of reasons that knotweed removal should be left to the professionals, but some of the most important reasons are as follows;

It’s Difficult to Remove

Knotweed is infamously difficult to remove. If even a tiny fragment of root is left in the soil during its removal, the plant can fully grow back. If you’re not a trained professional, you may find yourself spending a large amount of your time and energy trying to remove the knotweed, only to have it grow back the next season.

Furthermore, a knotweed fragment can lie dormant for years. As soon as the conditions are suitable for growth, knotweed you didn’t even know was there can grow back years down the line. Japanese Knotweed can remain dormant for up to 20 years! With professional removal services, you can rest assured that the knotweed isn’t going to grow again after lying dormant for years.

It MUST Be Done Properly

If knotweed is not removed properly, there are a number of things that can happen. For one, as mentioned above, it can grow back. A second thing that can happen is that you could potentially have legal action taken against you.

While it is not illegal to attempt to remove Japanese Knotweed yourself, not making an attempt to stop the knotweed from spreading or actively participating the spreading of knotweed can earn you up to 2 years in prison or a fine up to £5,000. As mentioned above, even a small fragment of knotweed can grow into a fully fledged plant. If any contaminated soil or plant material from your waste is spread into the wild, even unintentionally, you could be held accountable.


How to Remove Japanese Knotweed

As mentioned above, the very best way to get Japanese knotweed removed from your property is to enlist the services of professionals. 

If you have Japanese Knotweed on your property and are interested in finding out what the treatment will entail, Taylor Total Weed Control offer a FREE no-obligation survey. Click the link below to get your free survey today and find out how Taylor Total Weed Control can help you.

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The UK Government has issued official guidance on the management and removal of Japanese Knotweed. If you’re interested, you check out the UK Government Guidance on Knotweed Removal for yourself to see their advice on how best to handle Japanese Knotweed.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the knotweed removal process and how Taylor Total Weed Control can help, reach out and contact us today. Our team of professionals will answer any questions you may have and give information about how our services can help.

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