Recent research has uncovered some insightful stats regarding the Japanese knotweed in the UK, which could pose a worry to homeowners in Wales and the West.

According to House Beautiful, Wales and Bristol are particularly problematic areas for Japanese Knotweed, making up two of the top three worst-affected regions in the UK. While Bolton tops the list, Bristol isn’t far behind in second place, while Conwy remains a close third.

A further article by Wales Online noted that “The Land of my Fathers” is particularly impacted by the vine from “The Land of the Rising Sun”, with areas like Llanelli, Caerphilly and Swansea all clocking in at well over 300 cases of JKW infestation.


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“A Major Problem Across the UK”

Japanese knotweed expert, Nic Seal, noted that “Japanese knotweed has become a major problem across the UK, with areas of industrial heritage such as North Wales particularly badly affected”.

The Welsh government website also notes that, while spread throughout Wales, it is most commonly found on sites that are disturbed by human activity such as railway lines, rubbish tips, old allotments, derelict land, while it is also often spotted along river banks.

This fact was reinforced by the recent story of Network Rail having a myriad of issues with Japanese knotweed infestations on their land nationwide. If you happen to live an area characterised by these traits, vigilance is key to keeping it under control.


Japanese Knotweed Surveys

Mr Seal went on to mention that “Anyone thinking about buying a property in or around these hotspots would be wise to (…) consider instructing a specialist to carry out a Japanese knotweed survey on the property to check for evidence of the plant.”

However, that advice isn’t strictly reserved for buyers. Homeowners that suspect they may have Japanese knotweed on their property could also benefit greatly from a Japanese knotweed survey and early detection could make all the difference.


Japanese Knotweed Services

If you are looking to buy a property in an area commonly affected by Japanese knotweed or happen to suspect Japanese knotweed is already present on your existing property, your best course of action is to pick up the phone and call Taylor Weed Control today.

With over 15 years’ experience in the weed removal trade, we’ve crossed paths with this stubborn Oriental offender on countless occasions and have yet to meet an infestation too big or a challenge too steep for our team of pros to tackle.

Best of all, at Taylor Weed Control, we offer a Japanese knotweed survey completely FREE of charge to anyone bases in South Wales or the South West. Our knotweed experts will be able to identify an infestation in no time and recommend the best course of action to take from there.

So, if you’re unlucky enough to fall into one of the problem areas mentioned in this article, don’t delay and call today. We could be your knotweed knights in grass-stained armour!


For more information on our Japanese knotweed hotspots or our knotweed removal services, why not drop us a line? Call today on 029 2039 7554 or request a FREE Japanese knotweed survey now by clicking the button below.

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Japanese knotweed is to house sales what a dodgy is to car sales: while things may appear fine and dandy on the surface, the horrors of what lies beneath can have a dramatic effect on not only the value but the entire sale itself.

While it may be tempting for house sellers to simply overlook such a detail and plead ignorance to the pesky weed’s presence, it’s far from advisable to do so.

Besides being morally and ethically wrong, it can also be deemed highly illegal to conceal knowledge of Japanese knotweed on your property.

If you’re selling your house with Japanese knotweed present, follow these steps to avoid any legal backlash and undo the damage done by the unruly underground invader.


selling your house with Japanese knotweed


Doppelganger Diagnosis

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of selling a property with Japanese knotweed, before you do anything else, your first port of call should be an expert opinion.

Misdiagnosis could leave you with a boatload of headaches and a barrelful of hassle unnecessarily, so make sure it’s legit before you hit the panic button and cause potential buyers to abandon ship.

Japanese knotweed bears an uncanny resemblance to a number of other plants and weeds – including bindweed, Russian vine, broadleaf dock and ground elder – which can sometimes lead to misdiagnosis.

Allowing a sale to fall through on the basis of a Japanese knotweed lookalike is a crying shame we wouldn’t wish upon anyone, so be sure you know what you’re dealing with before you make any hasty declarations.


Honesty the Best Policy

While Japanese knotweed isn’t technically classified as a “notifiable weed”, changes to the Law Society’s TA6 form made in 2013 mean that there is now a specific question relating to this exact subject. As such, avoiding such a scenario is virtually impossible.

As a result of the very specific knotweed-related change, failure to disclose information relating to knotweed infestation on your property can be deemed a breach of Consumer Protection Rights regulations.

Naturally, such actions can result in legal ramifications, providing solid grounds for misrepresentation and potentially leaving you liable to be sued by potential buyers.


Warranty Time

If your property is indeed unfortunate enough to be the newfound home of Japanese knotweed, as confirmed by an expert, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the worse it’ll get.

Mortgage lenders are extremely hesitant to lend the full amount if a property has Japanese knotweed, due to the fact that it can affect the structural integrity of the building. However, that stance can be potentially swayed by a proactive approach.

A great way to influence that decision is to find a Japanese knotweed removal specialist that offers a Japanese knotweed guarantee – a DIY job simply won’t do. A pro’s warranty will safeguard you in the event that any such infestation should return and effectively assure its permanent vacation.

The fact that the appropriate removal measures have been implemented could potentially influence mortgage lenders to overlook the fact that you have knotweed on your property or at last lead them to be more sympathetic to your situation.


The Waiting Game

Japanese knotweed removal can be a lengthy process and often takes around three years for the unwavering weed to completely vacate your property. If value is of value to you, this may be your best course of action.

That being said, if you really are in a rush to sell your house despite the presence of Japanese knotweed, you may be forced to take a hit on the sale price in exchange for speed of the sale.

With mortgage lenders likely out of the equation due to the presence of knotweed, you will more than likely have to take the cash buyer route. As a result, you could see the sale price drop by up to 20% below market value.


Send in the Pros

Essentially, if you’re serious about selling a house that has Japanese knotweed and, A. don’t fancy staring into a lawsuit, and B. aren’t too keen on the idea of slashing your sale price by 20%, the only viable option is to call in the pros and get to the root of the problem.

At Taylor Weed Control, we specialist in Japanese knotweed removal and have over 15 years’ experience to back it up. For a long-term solution with insurance backed guarantee, Japanese knotweed removal from Taylor Weed Control is the smart choice for you and your property.


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Discovering Japanese knotweed on your property can be quite the proverbial punch in the gut.

In addition to posing a massive inconvenience, a Japanese knotweed infestation also has the potential to work its ruthless roots into your finances too.

As a result, it’s not unusual for those faced with such a problem on their property to consider taking on Japanese knotweed removal DIY style.

While this isn’t an advisable course of action, some people cannot be deterred and will naturally aim to tackle the problem themselves, regardless of the risks.

With that in mind, it’s better to be prepared than sorry, so we’ve put together a few Japanese knotweed removal DIY tips to help you say “sayonara” to your unwanted guest once and for all.


japanese knotweed removal DIY


Japanese Knotweed Removal DIY Tips

If you do plan on taking on the sinister soil-dweller from “The Land of the Rising Sun” yourself, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

The slightest miss-step could see the roots spread further and totally monopolise your garden. Worse still, it could even lead to it affecting the value of your home.

As such, it’s important get it right first time. To avoid any accidental augmentation, follow these Japanese knotweed removal DIY tips.


Take Action

Japanese knotweed is notoriously difficult to get under control so early action is vital – this is no time to sit around and smell the roses.

Take action as soon as possible to quite literally nip the problem in the bud and catch your knotweed nuisance before it gets out of hand.


From the Ground Up

The best way of taking assertive action in your knotweed war it to get to the root of the problem…that being by attacking the roots. Sadly, this is easier said than done and can be a lot more difficult than you might think.

Japanese knotweed roots can bury themselves up to two metres below the surface. Worse still, it only takes a small piece of rogue root to grow into a new plant and potentially spread further.


No Alternative

Alternative Japanese knotweed treatments and natural remedies – such as coffee, lime and vinegar – are very much like trying to cure a serious illness without prescription medication or surgical treatment. The evidence of their success is dubious at best.

When it comes to Japanese knotweed, there is no substitute for herbicides and specialist chemical treatment. While it may be tempting to go down the natural route for the health of your garden and the health of your pocket, the chances of it working is slim.


Be Thorough

The regenerative powers of Japanese knotweed are pretty remarkable. Even the smallest of remains boast surprising resilience and can regrow into an entirely new plant, making wholesale eradication an arduous yet necessary process.

In order to fully rid your property of Japanese knotweed, getting to grips with every last inch of the wily weed is imperative. Failure to do so will only result in the issue returning down the line.


Professional Japanese Knotweed Removal

While it is theoretically possible to remove Japanese knotweed from your property yourself, the odds of achieving permanent success via the DIY route are not worth betting the farm on.

In fact, for those looking to sell their property, a professional treatment plan may be a pre-requisite in order to stand any chance of selling in the first place. Many estate agents and mortgage lenders will need assurance from a professional that the problem is under control before any headway can be made.

In order to stand the best chance of a permanent goodbye to your unwanted Nipponese nuisance, your best bet is call in the pros. Japanese knotweed removal specialists will be fully equipped with the tools and techniques necessary for an everlasting eviction.

At Taylor Weed Control, we have over 15 years’ experience in Japanese knotweed removal. Our expert team of weed removal specialists are well-versed in the art of knotweed war and more than capable of tackling the most vicious of vine infestations.


If you suspect you may have Japanese knotweed on your property, call Taylor Weed Control today! Get in touch now on 029 2039 7554 or click the button below to request a FREE Japanese knotweed survey on your property.

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An investigation by The Times has revealed some incredible news regarding Network Rail and an apparent ongoing issue with Japanese knotweed.

According to The Times, Network Rail has received around 11,000 complaints about Japanese knotweed since 2011, equating to an average of 1375 knotweed complaints a year.

Worse still, over half of these complaints were regarding the spread of knotweed from the railways onto nearby homeowners’ private properties.


network rail, Japanese knotweed news


Impact on Surrounding Properties

The state-owned firm is responsible for maintaining the railways and adjoining land, which includes the containment of weed infestations like Japanese knotweed.

Japanese knotweed is notorious for its invasive attributes and can have a serious impact on a property in terms of its structural integrity, commonly targeting weak points in the sub-structure through cracks and openings.

The alleged lack of treatment by Network Rail has reportedly made it considerably more difficult for thousands of affected homeowners to sell their properties as a result of the knotweed making its way onto their properties.


"We Should Do More"

While the story does certainly paint Network Rail in a negative light, representatives for the railway authority are quick to refute the claims of negligence.

However, despite their rebuttal, they also concede that they could do more. Following the revelations, Environment Manager at Network Rail, Neil Strong, had this to say:

“While we meet our legislative obligations, we believe we should do more. We will always treat any knotweed area flagged to us and are working on enhancing our guidance and protocols to be in line with Property Care Association published codes of practice and thus give the assurance mortgage lenders are looking for.”


Professional Knotweed Removal

Regardless of who’s to blame and what’s been done, there’s no denying that Network Rail’s apparent issues with Japanese knotweed have them in quite a bind, both figuratively and literally.

If you suspect Japanese knotweed is present on your property, don’t allow your property to get side tracked like Network Rail. Leaving the dreaded vine to its own devices can allow your JKW infestation to build up a serious head of steam.

Luckily, here at Taylor Weed Control, we thrive on untangling the messiest of knotweed nuisances. Our first-class team of garden experts have over 15 years’ experience and are more than able to help you get your garden back on track.

Don’t let Japanese knotweed send you off the rails. Give your knotweed woes a one-way ticket out of town with weed eradication services from Taylor Weed Control.


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A couple from Yardley Wood in Birmingham have become “prisoners in their own home” after a Japanese knotweed infestation quite literally took over their back garden.

As reported in the Birmingham Mail, Chris and Marie Moore have endured “five years of hell” in their council home.

The couple has been forced to helplessly watch the rapid recession of their garden, as Japanese knotweed has slowly but surely overthrown their outdoor space.

Despite having a 70ft garden, the knotweed has eaten up over 60ft of space, rendering their external property virtually useless. The problem has become so bad that the couple can’t even hang their washing out to dry.


knotweed removal, professional weed killer services


A Formidable Foe

The couple has been at the property for 18 years; however, the problem arose five years ago when Mr Moore first spotted the curious vine sticking up from the ground behind his shed.

Without knowing its evil identity, Mr Moore logically decided to cut it back in an effort to nip it in the bud. Unfortunately for the Moores, the mysterious plant didn’t take too kindly to its unsolicited trim and came back fighting.

The vine has since claimed the garden for itself and, despite multiple visits and treatments from Birmingham City Council, the unwavering weed has proved to be a formidable foe that simply doesn’t want to budge.

Even hundreds of pounds worth of store-bought weed-killer administered by Mr Moore wouldn’t touch the vicious vine and the garden has now become a jungle that could easily play host to a scene from Predator.


Professional Weed Killer Services

Sadly, while a visit from Arnie and his crack team of special ops commandos may be able to fend off an otherworldly creature, they wouldn’t do much good in ridding the property of the notoriously durable knotweed.

Luckily, there are plenty of professional options available for the Moores if they wanted to rid their property of the knotweed once and for all. While it may seem like an impossible task, professional knotweed removal is the most effective solution to this issue.


Knotweed Removal Specialists

At Taylor Weed Control, we specialise in knotweed removal and take pride in banishing the demonic garden-dweller from whence it came.

With over 15 years’ industry experience, we’ve built a reputation as Wales’ leading Japanese knotweed removal specialists.

If you think you may have an issue with Japanese knotweed, don’t sit back and wait for it to take over your property. Nip your knotweed problem in the bud and call Taylor Weed Control today.

Our team of experts has the ability to terminate your unwanted guest, once and for all, and ensure that it definitely won’t be back for a sequel. Hasta la vista, weedy!


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While it may sound more like a character from a Harry Potter movie than a garden-dwelling pest, giant hogweed is far from a magical addition to your property.

In fact, giant hogweed has the ability to cause serious damage, particularly if it comes into contact with human skin.

To keep you and your loved ones safe, we’re hamming it up with our comprehensive rundown of giant hogweed.


giant hogweed removal


What is Giant Hogweed?

As the name suggests, giant knotweed has the ability to reach heights of over 3m, adorned in large, leafy stems and topped with white flowery clusters that are umbrella-like in appearance.

While it may appear pleasing to the eye, don’t let its innocent appearance fool you – it’s hiding some serious dangers beneath its looks.

Originating in the Caucasus Mountains and Central Asia, this troublesome weed made its way over to the UK in the 19th century as an ornamental addition, much like Japanese knotweed.

However, unlike Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed can pose a variety of physical dangers as well as horticultural headaches.


Dangers of Giant Hogweed

If you were to describe giant hogweed based on the facts, the resulting description could very easily be applied to a sci-fi monster.

In addition to its daunting height, it’s also covered in fibrous hairs and coated in toxic sap. The sap itself is an extreme irritant which can burn the skin and even lead to potential sight loss if exposed to the eyes.

If the skin comes into contact with giant hogweed sap, the toxic substance reacts with sunlight to cause photodermatitis, leading to a red rash with painful blistering and scarring a common consequence.


Removing Giant Hogweed

As a foreign plant with strongly invasive tendencies, giant hogweed is classed as an “invasive alien”, with a variety of legislation placed upon this harmful plant in order to control it.

Giant hogweed is even listed in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, meaning it’s actually an offence to cause giant hogweed to grow in the wild in England and Wales.

If you find giant hogweed on your property, it’s strongly advised you contact a specialist to conduct professional removal of the weed ASAP.

Attempting removal without expert knowledge can be dangerous. Cut plant debris and even contaminated clothing and tools used to remove it can still prove hazardous.

For safe eradication of giant hogweed from your property, call Taylor Weed Control today on 029 2039 7554 and cut your giant invader down to size without feeling the burn.


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Okay, we know what you’re thinking: "How could I possibly benefit from Japanese knotweed on my property?" After all, Japanese knotweed has earned itself a reputation as Britain’s most hated plant – and rightfully so.

Notorious for its negative impact on properties nationwide – including the ability to drive down house value – the earthy invader from Asia is about as welcome as a pimple on prom night.

That being said, even the worst offenders can have a glimmer of light in their blackened souls and Japanese knotweed is no different.


benefits of japanese knotweed


5 Benefits of Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed can wreak havoc on your property, causing untold damage to structural foundations if left to grow and develop. That part is no secret.

That being said, the vexatious vine does pose some surprising upsides, particularly in the realms of healthcare and alternative medicine.

Japanese knotweed is a great source of resveratrol, as well as being a healthy source vitamin A and C, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese.

As a result, Japanese knotweed has shown to have some interesting benefits. Here are five beneficial perks of Japanese knotweed when implemented into diet and nutrition.


Blood Pressure

Japanese knotweed can have a positive impact on blood flow by contributing to better vasodilation of the arteries.

By modulating blood pressure, the reduction in strain and stress can thereby contribute to better cardiac health. Which brings us nicely to our next perk…


Heart Disease

Poor diet and unhealthy meal choices can inevitably lead to complications down the line, with heart disease a notable consequence of this.

The resveratrol in Japanese knotweed is said to help lessen the effects of heart disease with its cardioprotective qualities, most notably in those with diabetes. Speaking of diabetes…



In addition to contributing to heart health for diabetics, Japanese knotweed can also have a direct effect on insulin absorption.

Resveratrol has been known to help prevent insulin resistance, acting as a blood sugar regulator. For those that suffer from blood sugar related issues, this can be invaluable.


Digestive Health

Japanese knotweed is also said to have a positive effect on gastrointestinal ailments, such as constipation, contributing to digestive health and regularity.

Resveratrol is said to soothe abdominal stress with its natural laxative properties, providing relief from issues including stomach cramps and bloating.


Cognitive Disorders

Perhaps the most renowned health benefit of Japanese knotweed is its positive effect on cognitive health.

Resveratrol has been shown to have a preventative impact on neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, making JKW a supremely beneficial plant for brain health.


Additional Benefits

In addition to the aforementioned health perks, Japanese knotweed is also used for the treatment of oral ailments, like sore throats, gingivitis and even plaque build-up on teeth.

Meanwhile, it’s also commonly used for respiratory issues, such as lung disease, bronchitis and persistent coughs, as well as certain skin disorders.


Japanese Knotweed Removal

If dietary weeds and knotweed nutrition aren’t high on your list of priorities and you simply want shot of these surplus shoots, fear not.

At Taylor Weed Control, we have over 15 years’ experience in dealing with unwelcome, grass-invading guests. Call today and we'll be more than happy to help untangle your knotweed issues once and for all.


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