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tree stump removal

If you've found an unwanted tree stump in your garden, you may be a bit stumped as to what to do with it and how to get rid of it (see what we did there?). 

Jokes aside, at Taylor Total Weed Control, we're specialists in tree stump removal. Keep reading to find out how we tackle stubborn tree stumps and stop them in their tracks.


how to stop bamboo from spreading - towering forest of green bamboo

While bamboo is a popular plant for aesthetic reasons, it’s not always the best practical choice – in fact, if left unchecked, it can spread like wildfire and cause significant disruption. The unique style of the ornamental canes of bamboo have made them a popular garden addition, combined with their ability to create beautiful screens for privacy, it’s no wonder so many people want this plant in their garden.  

If you’ve found yourself with bamboo running rampant, you’re probably looking for some advice for managing your bamboo growth. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place! In this blog we’ll be examining various methods of bamboo growth control. Before we get into it, there are two primary types of bamboo to know about; running bamboo and clumping bamboo.


close up image of tall green bamboo shoots - is bamboo invasive

There are over 1,400 known species of bamboo found around the world. Many of these species are native to Asia and East Asia, with a few also native to South America.

Bamboo is widely considered to be very aesthetically valuable, and is cultivated for the unique look it can bring to a garden. However, what many people don’t realise is that bamboo can very quickly go from being a beautiful natural feature to a rapidly-growing menace that overwhelms your garden.


Weeds growing through pavement cracks

Weeds in the garden are a pain, but weeds in public places can be downright dangerous. It's important for councils to stay on top of their weeds - not only is it unsightly when weeds start sprouting up through the cracks in the pavement, it's also a potential trip hazard.


how we're staying covid secure

Almost every workplace has had to make adjustments to continue trading during the COVID-19 pandemic, including us. As you know, we're still offering our wide range of Japanese knotweed and ground maintenance services so that you can keep your premises free of invasive weeds. In order to carry out our services safely, we've had to put a few new procedures in place. Here you can read all about them!

Testing Staff

All of the staff that we send out to work outside your homes are COVID-19 tested on a regular basis. This helps us to make sure they're not bringing the virus into our offices or to your doorstep. 

Observing Safety Guidelines

Much like the rest of the country, we constantly have one eye on the ever-changing government guidelines. This helps us to make sure that our practices and procedures are always up to date. We've made lots of different tweaks and changes to the way we work so that we can provide you with the safest possible services. All of our staff members are wearing masks when they're around people, sticking to social distancing guidelines, and keeping their hands, vans, and equipment clean.

Telephone/Email Arrangements

To limit our contact with you as much as possible, we're contacting a lot of our customers over the phone or via email to arrange their treatments. Our friendly team of staff is on hand to answer any questions you may have, rather than arranging face-to-face visits. 

Contact-Free Visits

One of the great things about Japanese knotweed treatments, grounds maintenance, and tree/shrub removal is that all of these services take place outside. This means we can attend your property and get the job done without even knocking on your door. Of course, we have missed catching up with you over a cup of tea, but we'll have plenty of time for that in the future when things go back to normal. For now, we'll do our bit to keep your garden looking its best while you put your feet up indoors.

Staff Separation

Another way that we're keeping you and our staff safe is by insisting that our staff travel to your homes in separate vehicles. Where this isn't possible, we've set up vans with safety screens, separating the front and back portions. Don't worry, we've kitted them up with walkie-talkies so they can still chat amongst each other on the longer journeys. Keeping our staff physically separated on journeys is just another way that we're implementing safe COVID-19 practices while we work.

So there you have it, a little insight into some of the different ways that we're working safely during lockdown. If you'd like us to treat Japanese knotweed, unwanted shrubs, or vegetation on your property, please get in touch!

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