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If you’re not familiar with the term “grounds maintenance”, prepare to be enlightened – it’s a big deal!

In fact, from sports teams and retail parks to schools and local parks, it’s one of the most important aspects of day-to-day operations.


what does grounds maintenance mean


What is grounds maintenance?

So, let’s start at the very beginning – what is grounds maintenance?

Anyone that owns a garden knows that, sadly, grass and turf doesn’t take care of itself. In fact, keeping it green and healthy can be a never-ending journey with many speed bumps and roadblocks along the way.

For those in charge of public property, communal land and professional playing surfaces, maintaining the ground can take on a whole new level of importance. In fact, for sports teams in particular it can be the difference between winning and losing.


The Importance of Grounds Maintenance

Can you imagine Tiger Woods hitting the perfect putt to sink a birdie, only to have the ball roll off-course due to a dodgy patch of green? It’s fair to say that Mr Woods would not be best pleased.

While that example may seem a little outrageous, professional pitches and playing surfaces are no stranger to grounds maintenance problems.

Even the Principality Stadium has had its fair share of headaches when it comes to grounds maintenance, recurrently taking a pounding in the media for the way its field has cut up during play over the years.

This was particularly notable during the problematic pallet system of the early 2000s, while they also faced issues from Mother Nature in 2009 when the whole pitch had to be replaced following an unfortunate infestation of Bibionidae flies.

Even the introduction of a new £3.1m semi-artificial pitch wasn’t without issues, proving that, even at the top-flight of national sport, grounds maintenance is no walk in the park.


Grounds Maintenance Services

If you are in tasked with managing a site where grounds maintenance lies within your remit, why not avoid the unnecessary stress of surface upkeep and call in a professional?

At Taylor Weed Control, we offer a variety of grounds maintenance services across South Wales and South West England, with the experience and expertise to back it up.

Having dealt with a whole host of sporting surfaces – from bowls club and cricket pitches to football and rugby grounds – we know that two surfaces are rarely the same. As such, our bespoke grounds maintenance service is tailored specifically to you.


If you’re in need of grounds maintenance service, why not get it Taylor made? Call today on 029 2039 7554 to find out more or click the button below to request a FREE professional grounds survey with no obligation.

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Whether you’re in charge of a sports team, a commercial business park or even a school, the responsibility of taking care of the grounds that come with it can be an additional burden that quickly becomes an unwelcome and avoidable stress factor.

Rogue grass and unsightly weeds can be a pain to tame on your own. Luckily, here at Taylor Weed Control, we offer grounds maintenance Swansea can be proud of, ensuring your patch remains at peak performance all year round.


grounds maintenance swansea


What grounds maintenance services do you offer?

At Taylor Weed Control, we offer a variety of Swansea grounds maintenance services, ranging from comprehensive maintenance programme to a moss eradication and weed removal.

We understand that no two grounds are the same and that your grounds will need a bespoke service that’s right for you and, more importantly, your ground.

Whether you’ve run into some unforeseen turf trouble and are looking for a one-time fix or you’re looking to hand over the keys to the grassy kingdom for the foreseeable future, we can provide a service to fit your requirements.


Why choose Taylor Weed Control?

With specialist equipment, vast experience and expert knowledge, we offer a top-quality service that’s second to none. Think of us as your friendly neighbourhood grounds maintenance gurus!

Our grounds maintenance specialists can help keep your pitch, patch or parkland weed and moss free and ready for whatever is coming its way – be it footfall or football.

Best of all, our professional team of ground experts have access to specialist ground maintenance products exclusively available to industry professionals.

Backed with first-hand experience of top-flight turf across South Wales and South West England, Taylor Weed Control is the perfect choice to keep your ground pitch perfect.


For more information on our grounds maintenance Swansea services or to find out more about Swansea grounds maintenance in general, call Taylor Weed Control today on 029 2039 7554. Alternatively, why not request a FREE expert survey of your ground using the button below?

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