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Looking through the blinds at neighbour's property

Japanese knotweed is a notoriously intrusive plant that can rock your property to its very foundation, damaging your home's value as well as its structural integrity.

However, you don't have to have it on your land for it to cause issues. A case of Japanese knotweed next door can be nearly as problematic as having knotweed present in your own garden.

If Japanese knotweed has been discovered on your next-door neighbour's property, the principal concern above all else is preventing the possibility of the knotweed spreading onto your property.

Luckily, we at Taylor Total Weed Control have you covered with our Japanese knotweed monitoring programme. It's tailor-made to keep your property protected in the event of neighbouring knotweed.


'Help! My neighbour has Japanese knotweed!'

From a legal perspective, your neighbour is under no legal obligation to remove or treat Japanese knotweed on their own property (although this can differ under Scottish law).

However, the moment the knotweed creeps over the threshold and into your land, it's effectively classed as a private nuisance. Once this breach has occurred, your neighbours are liable for legal action.

Naturally, taking legal action on a neighbour can lead to all sorts of social issues, and a knotweed-related neighbour dispute can easily turn into an unwanted headache for all parties. As such, it should be considered a last resort.

That being said, Japanese knotweed can spread all too easily, so it's important to keep your best interests protected. Keep potential knotweed drama to a minimum with a Japanese knotweed monitoring programme from Taylor Total Weed Control.


Japanese knotweed monitoring programmes

Japanese knotweed infestation can seriously damage the value of your property, so it's not an issue to be taken lightly. If you suspect your neighbour has Japanese knotweed next door, quick action can lead to an effective solution and minimise cost, damage and headaches along the way.

If you can't come to an amicable solution with your neighbours or they are simply denying that a problem exists, Taylor Total Weed Control's Japanese knotweed monitoring programme can provide your neighbour with documented evidence of Japanese knotweed on-site, highlighting to all involved that knotweed is indeed present.


Keeping you covered

Once we have identified the knotweed, we can inform your neighbours via an official letter of their legal obligation to deal with the issue, in order to prevent it from spreading to your property. This will include the knotweed-specific TA5 and TA6 property information forms.

After we've notified your neighbours, we can also conduct regular visits thereafter to check the development of the knotweed, whether your neighbour has taken action and, if so, how effectively have they dealt with the issue. This includes photographic evidence where necessary.

If your neighbour has neglected to take appropriate action or the treatment has proved ineffective and the knotweed does indeed spread to your property, your back is legally covered. The records of our TWC monitoring programmes will provide ample evidence that you took preventative actions to avoid such a situation arising and you are free to take action as needed.

For more details on our Japanese knotweed monitoring programme or additional advice on how to deal with Japanese knotweed next door, call Taylor Total Weed Control on 029 2039 7554.

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Even if you’re not an avid gardener, an overgrown garden can be a real eyesore for any proud homeowner.

Housing a condensed jungle in your backyard can not only be embarrassing, but it can also be a tragic waste of perfectly good space – a fact made all the more obvious when the sun is in full swing.

With the summer months now well underway, there’s no better time to revitalise your outdoor space than right now.

Make the most of your garden without even lifting a finger with comprehensive garden clearance, courtesy of Taylor Weed Control.


garden clearance


Why choose TWC garden clearance services?

During the summertime, a stunning outdoor space can make for the perfect venue to soak up the summer sun, play with the kids or socialise with friends and family.

However, gardens require a lot of maintenance – particularly in the summer months when grass growth is at its peak – and keeping on top of your outdoor chores can seem like a never-ending task.

Luckily, there are ways around these backyard burdens and garden clearance from Taylor Weed Control is just the trick!


Who needs garden clearance services?

Whether you're short on time, short on energy or short on patience, professional garden clearance services can be an efficient way to completely rejuvenate your garden in one fell swoop.

Meanwhile, enlisting a professional to handle your garden clearance services can also be extremely handy for the elderly and those who aren’t physically capable of clearing their garden themselves.

Simply make the call, sit back and watch your outdoor space restore and revive before your very eyes.


Garden clearance for house sales

Garden clearance is also a great way to help spruce up your external property ahead of a potential house sale.

A clear and tidy garden can be extremely attractive to a potential buyer, while it can also accentuate the size of your outdoor space, providing them with a fuller picture of the available space.

Properties that have been inherited or purchased from someone in poor health are commonly overgrown due to the inhabitant being unable to tend to the growing garden’s demands.

Meanwhile, houses that have been left for prolonged periods of time are also naturally going to be susceptible to grassy overgrowth and thriving weeds.

A good quality garden clearance service will be able to solve these growth issues in no time at all, leaving you with an outdoor space that not only looks great to you but looks even better to potential buyers.


What’s included in TWC garden clearance services?

Knowing where to start can be a tough task when it comes to garden clearance, especially when you’re faced with a mammoth task like an overgrown outdoor space that’s long been neglected.

At TWC, we’re fully equipped to handle even the most daunting of garden clearance tasks. In fact, we like nothing more than a hearty challenge from an overgrown garden in dire need of a makeover!

We have an impressive arsenal of professional equipment to keep your overgrown garden under control. This includes specialist wood chip machinery, capable of chipping trees and branches in seconds.

Our wood chip capabilities can be especially advantageous and cost-effective, particularly when you take into account the time and effort it would take to trim, bag and get rid of this woody debris if done independently.

What are you waiting for? Embrace your outdoor space today and breathe some life back into your garden with TWC garden clearance.


For more information on our garden clearance services, call 029 2039 7554 today or click the button below to request a FREE garden survey now.

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