Worried about Japanese knotweed? Book a FREE site survey and we’ll send an invasive weed specialist to take a look.

Japanese Knotweed Survey

Japanese knotweed is an invasive species that’s infamous throughout the UK. But don’t worry – this plant can be controlled with the right knotweed treatment plan.

If you’re concerned that you might have Japanese knotweed on your property, fill in our quick and easy form to start the process of booking your FREE Japanese knotweed survey today! Unlike other knotweed treatment facilities, our basic knotweed surveys are completely free, even if you don’t proceed with one of our treatment plans.

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Japanese Knotweed Survey Options

Basic Survey

We offer a basic survey completely free of charge. Our basic survey will answer the following questions:
  • Is Japanese knotweed present?
  • Where is it located?
  • How much of it is there?

Comprehensive Survey

We also offer a comprehensive survey which includes a specialist report and a Japanese knotweed management plan (JKMP).

This in-depth survey costs £250 (plus VAT), which will be refunded if you go ahead with a full treatment plan.
We also offer more specialised reports and services, including Japanese knotweed mortgage reports.

Japanese Knotweed Survey FAQs:

What happens if Japanese knotweed is found on my property?
If we discover Japanese knotweed on your property in the course of our survey, we will:
  • Report our findings
  • Recommend a suitable treatment plan
  • Provide a quote for our services
Even if we do find knotweed on your land, there is no obligation to proceed with a treatment programme. Booking a free Japanese knotweed survey doesn’t mean you have to commit to our recommended course of action.
Why book a Japanese knotweed survey?
Japanese knotweed can cause a lot of problems, especially if it’s left to grow unchecked.

This invasive plant can:
  • Reduce the value of your property
  • Complicate future property sales
  • Cause structural damage by exploiting existing weaknesses
  • Overwhelm other plant life
  • Cause disputes by encroaching on neighbouring properties
  • Get you in trouble if you allow it to spread into the wild
Do Surveyors Check for Japanese Knotweed?
There is a responsibility for a home owner to declare whether or not there is knotweed present on their property through the TA6 form. However, some home owners claim they didn’t know there was knotweed present on the property. Residential surveyors do have a duty of care to the future home buyer (and mortgage lender) to identify whether or Japanese knotweed is present during a survey, even if the seller has attempted to hide it.

You can read more on this subject in our blog Do Surveyors Check for Japanese Knotweed?