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Types of Weed

There are many different types of weed, but these four are the types we most frequently come across in gardens, lawns and patios across South Wales and South West England:

Ephemeral Weeds

These weeds often have more than one life cycle per year, so ordinary weed killers are not effective.

Examples of ephemeral weeds:
Groundsel ephemeral weeds
Hairy bittercress ephemeral weeds
Hairy bittercress
Chickweed ephemeral weeds

Annual Weeds

Annual weeds grow and flower rapidly. They seed in the winter and come back throughout the year.

Examples of annual weeds:
Fat hen annual weeds
Fat hen
Yellow oxalis annual weeds
Yellow oxalis
Annual meadow grass annual weeds
Annual meadow grass

Perennial Weeds

Perennial weeds are persistent and prone to becoming more and more problematic as time goes on. Perennial weeds can cause the most disturbance to your lawn and garden.

Examples of perennial weeds:
Dandelion perennial weeds
Dock leaf perennial weeds
Dock leaf
Bramble perennial weeds

Rhizome & Tuber Weeds

If rhizomes or tubers are damaged, your problems may get even worse than before you started because a fragment of the root can end up establishing a whole new plant stem.

Examples of rhizomes and tubers:
japanese knotweed rhizome weeds
Japanese knotweed
Ground ivy rhizome weeds
Ground ivy (a.k.a. creeping charlie)
Horsetail rhizome weeds
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