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Japanese knotweed is an invasive species of perennial weed, meaning it lives for longer than 2 years. Due to their robust and penetrative rhizomes (stems), their growth is difficult to control. The presence and over-growth of knotweed can cause many issues to outdoor spaces and building infrastructures surrounding the plant. 

Here is everything you need to know about Japanese knotweed! Use the handy contents below to skip straight to a section. 


giant hogweed

Giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) is one of the most common invasive species of weed in the UK. It is a tall plant with bristly, purple-blotched stems. It looks very similar to cow parsley, but it's important to not get the two confused!

So, why is giant hogweed dangerous? Let's find out...


football pitch grass

Have you ever been watching a game of football and suddenly you find yourself wondering: how does the football pitch grass look that good?

We've all been there - it truly is a beautiful sight for the gardeners among us! So, what grass is used on football pitches and how does it always look so clean and pristine? 


There's nothing worse than looking into your garden and seeing the ultimate culprit - the common garden weed. There's no denying that weeds are a nuisance.

From robbing your cared-for plants of essential water and nutrients to hogging the sunlight, garden weeds can create a real eyesore in your outdoor space. So, these are the most common garden weeds you should keep an eye out for in the UK. 


weeds growing in the cracks of a driveway

Weeds can be very tenacious things, able to grow in all manner of unusual places. As well as in your lawn, you can also find weeds growing in walls, gutters, even sometimes in damp carpets. One of the more common locations you can find weeds growing is in the driveway, through cracks in the concrete or in between paving slabs. Although a driveway may not seem like prime growing conditions, that doesn’t seem to matter much to the weeds!

Whilst the weeds growing in your driveway might not seem like such an intrusion at first, if left unattended, they can continue to grow an unmanageable amount,  where they can cause further cracking damage. They can even lift and deform your paving to create an unstable surface.


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