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is moss dangerous

Gardeners across the UK will understand how difficult it is to prevent moss from appearing in your garden, but is moss dangerous? The short answer is no. Unlike fungus, moss does not produce spores or poisons that are dangerous to humans. So what's the problem with it?

While moss itself isn't dangerous, it can cause a myriad of problems if it's left to develop throughout your garden. Moss is capable of retaining moisture for a long period of time, and since moss can grow just about anywhere, moss can be a problem on your roof, your patio, your lawn... the list goes on!


why is moss bad for lawns

Moss is something that can appear across your garden, but it can cause a few problems if it's allowed to run rampant in your lawn. Today we're going to look at the problems that moss can cause for your lawn in detail. With this knowledge under your belt, you can take action quickly and keep your lawn looking its absolute best!

Why does moss grow in your lawn?

Before we jump into the reasons that moss is bad for your lawn, we thought we'd highlight some of the reasons that moss appears on your lawn in the first place!

Generally, moss appears in your lawn when conditions are good for moss but poor for grass. Some of the conditions that cause lawn moss growth are:

  • Grass that's been mown to short
  • Areas of shafe, particularly around borders and under trees
  • Acidic soil 
  • Worn, exposed areas of soil
  • Wet weather and waterlogged soil

Why is moss bad for your lawn?

While moss is not likely to kill your grass, it can leave your lawn looking splotchy and uneven if it's not removed swiftly. 

Some moss infestations will come and go fairly quickly, appearing after a period of waterlogging and dying off as the soil dries back out. On young lawns, moss can be a more persistent problem, appearing due to poor ground preparation or acidic soil and continuing to grow and dominate the young grass shoots. 

Killing and removing moss is a good place to start if you want to give your lawn the best opportunity to thrive. Once the initial moss problem has been dealt with, you need to put precautions in place to prevent the moss from returning. 

To keep moss out of your lawn it's important that you improve the condition of your lawn. A good lawn maintenance regime will ensure that!

Our moss control services

Here at Taylor Total Weed Control, we offer moss control services across South Wales and South West England. Our moss control services are highly-effective, and if you're worried about moss returning again, we can also schedule a moss control maintenance plan for you.

If that sounds like something that your garden would benefit from, don't hesistate to get in touch and request your FREE lawn survey. 

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where does moss come from

As a gardening enthusiast, it can be really frustrating when moss starts to appear in unwanted places. Knowing what moss is and where it comes from will help you maintain a moss free garden. So, if you're concerned by the amount of moss in your garden, we'll help you understand the problem and deal with it efficiently.


autumn moss control

During autumn, lawns and gardens can be plagued by a blanket of moss. The most common types of moss you see are yellow tufts which emerge between blades of grass, these give your lawn an uneven texture and colour and can make the lawn feel bouncy underfoot.


Moss growing on path

SHORT ANSWER: Moss requires moist conditions to grow, so it tends to flourish in autumn and winter, then die back during the summer.

Moss isn't especially harmful, but it can be quite unsightly - particularly when it takes hold of your otherwise pristine lawn or your once-picturesque patio.


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