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Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps aren’t just unsightly – they can lead to problems like suckering and fungal root rot. So once a tree on your property has been cut down, it’s a good idea to remove the stump as well.

Total Weed Control offer a specialist tree stump removal service that’s available to homeowners and commercial clients in South Wales and South West England.

The method we use is called stump grinding. It’s exactly as the name suggests – with our specialist equipment, we literally grind tree stumps into wood chippings, completely eradicating them while keeping ground disturbance to a minimum.

Stump Grinding: Who Is This Service For?

We have removed tree stumps for a diverse range of clients in Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea, and elsewhere in South Wales and the South West.

Our customers include:
Local authorities
Charitable trusts
Sports clubs
Housing associations
Facility management companies
Regardless of the size or location of your unwanted tree stump, our vegetation management specialists can remove it cleanly and efficiently. Call us today on 029 2039 7554 (landline) or 07814 926 921 (mobile).
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