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Commercial Knotweed Removal

Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) doesn’t just affect homes – businesses are also vulnerable to the unwanted consequences that this fast-growing weed can bring.

As a business owner, you may be fearful of this invasive plant encroaching onto your premises and causing damage that could cost a lot of money to repair. Japanese knotweed can also cause massive problems when you’re trying to sell a piece of land.

But you don’t have to panic – Taylor Total Weed Control are here to help with our professional commercial knotweed removal services. If there’s Japanese knotweed growing on or near your commercial premises, we can get the infestation under control.

Commercial Sectors

No matter which industry your business operates in, our commercial Japanese knotweed removal service can work for you. We have seen the devastating impact that Japanese knotweed can have on businesses, so we offer a range of different treatment plans to suit your commercial requirements.

We serve the following sectors:
  • Property & Real Estate
  • Social Housing Associations
  • Railway
  • Public Sector
  • Construction Sites

Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal: What Does the Process Involve?

Taylor Total Weed Control is committed to assisting all business owners with their commercial knotweed removal requirements. We provide a professional service that’s tailored to the unique needs of each commercial client.

From the very beginning, we will provide a thorough and detailed process which will include an initial assessment of your commercial premises, time scales and the identification of potential applications / documentation that must be submitted. Finally, we'll talk you through the different cost-effective commercial knotweed removal methods available to you.

The Process:
  1. Identification of Japanese knotweed
  2. Commercial weed removal survey
  3. Report and quotation
  4. Management plan
  5. Certificate of completion
Here at Taylor Total Weed Control, we know how important it is for our commercial Japanese knotweed removal service to get results. That's why we offer an insurance-backed guarantee on all of our treatments – this gives our commercial clients an additional layer of security and peace of mind once the knotweed infestation has been dealt with.

Commercial Knotweed Removal Options

As mentioned above, we offer a choice of treatment programmes when it comes to commercial knotweed removal. These methods vary in terms of time and resources required; when you contact us, we will recommend the treatment plan that we feel is best suited to your circumstances and how soon you need the problem resolved.
  • Excavation– This method of Japanese knotweed removal is best used where time constraints are present and no other method is possible. Here, an excavator will remove the Japanese knotweed (along with the contaminated soil) to a registered landfill. This method of commercial knotweed removal will allow you to begin the remaining steps of your plan almost right away.
  • Bunding- The process of bunding involves relocating any contaminated soil to a different area of the site that is being treated. A bund is a shallow area of the soil, usually around half a metre deep. The purpose of this method is to move the knotweed infestation to an area of your commercial premises that is not in use so that longer-term herbicidal treatments can be carried out.
  • Cell Burial– This option involves relocating contaminated soil from one location on your commercial premises and burying it in an excavated pit in another location on site (which is lined with a root barrier membrane to prevent regrowth).
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