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Japanese knotweed removal

When it comes to getting rid of Japanese knotweed, there are a few different avenues you can explore. Here at Taylor Total Weed Control, we offer a range of different Japanese knotweed plans, including herbicide treatments and excavation. Lots of people come to us and ask whether there's a difference between Japanese knotweed control and Japanese knotweed removal, and the answer is yes!

In this blog, we're going to explain the difference between removal and control so that you can decide which method is right for you.


Japanese knotweed control

Japanese knotweed control involves using specialist herbicides to control the growth and spread of the plant without actually removing it from the ground. Treatment with herbicides is usually preferable to removal, especially if you don't want to dig up or remove soil from a large area of your property.

When we provide Japanese knotweed treatment, we use specialist herbicides that aren't available from all retailers. The herbicide is sprayed directly onto the leaves of the Japanese knotweed, and over time the herbicide poisons the plant, effectively killing it and stopping the growth.

Usually, if a client chooses Japanese knotweed control, we will spray the plant up to 3 times between May and September. This is when we find it to be most effective.


Japanese knotweed removal

Unlike Japanese knotweed control, Japanese knotweed removal is a more aggressive approach to the problem. Generally, Japanese knotweed removal is reserved for large-scale infestations and those that need to be dealt with in a very short time frame. For example, if Japanese knotweed is found on a plot of land where houses are due to be built, the contractors may choose to have the knotweed removed quickly so that the project isn't pushed back.

So what is Japanese knotweed removal? This method involves excavating the plants, the land around them and the rhizomes that are deep beneath the soil. We recently added an optional extra step to our Japanese knotweed removal service: sifting the affected soil before placing it back into the ground. This greatly reduces the amount of material sent to landfill and also reduces the impact on the excavated area. Rather than being left with a gaping hole, the land can be levelled back out using the clean, excavated soil.

This is a service that very few Japanese knotweed companies offer, so if you think you would benefit from our soil sifting service, please get in touch.

So, which method is right for you? You can request a FREE Japanese knotweed survey from our team of experts - we'll be able to advise you on the best course of action for your infestation. To provide an added layer of reassurance, be sure to ask about our insurance-backed guarantees too! Take a look at all of our Japanese knotweed treatment plans below.

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