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japanese knotweed soil management

One of the major costs when excavating Japanese knotweed is dealing with the contaminated soil. If you've taken a look at our Japanese knotweed removal page, you'll know that knotweed-infested soil needs to be transported and deposited at a specialist landfill site. Soil excavated from a site with a Japanese knotweed problem cannot be mixed with regular waste because there's a chance that the Japanese knotweed rhizomes will grow and spread into unwanted areas around the landfill site. 

As well as being costly, excavating large amounts of soil from a particular site can also leave the ground looking very uneven. This is a real problem if you're planning to build property or if the Japanese knotweed is in your well-kept garden. Thankfully, there's a way to minimise the costs of landfill transportation while also reducing the impact on the excavated site - our Japanese knotweed sifting service!

Our Japanese knotweed sifting service

Here at Taylor Total Weed control, we offer a sifting service that means you can remove all of the Japanese knotweed and its rhizomes from the soil that's excavated. We use a unique mobile plant that's designed to process the excavated soil thoroughly so it can be put back into the ground. 

Benefits of our Japanese knotweed sifting service

So why choose this service? Well, first and foremost, separating the Japanese knotweed debris from the contaminated soil dramatically reduces the amount of waste being taken to specialist landfill sites. Not only will this reduce the overall cost of your Japanese knotweed treatment, but it will also have less of an impact on the environment in the long run because the landfill sites won't fill up as quickly. 

Another great benefit of our Japanese knotweed sifting service is the reduced impact it will have on your premises. A lot of the time, clients have been put off the idea of excavation because they think it will make a mess of their gardens. With our sifting method, we can level the ground back out and you should be able to lay turf, plant into it and return your garden to its former glory.

Our Japanese knotweed removal services

To help you eradicate your Japanese knotweed problem quickly and efficiently, we offer a range of different knotweed treatment plans. All of which start with a FREE survey. We offer both herbicide application programs and excavation and removal plans. Our team of experts will help you choose the right treatment plan for your knotweed infestation and will get to work quickly to prevent it from spreading further. 

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If you have any questions about our Japanese knotweed sifting service, or if you'd like to book your FREE survey, give us a call on 029 2039 7554.

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