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can japanese knotweed damage buildings

Japanese knotweed has a bad reputation, and deservedly so. This invasive plant grows fast, and it’s very difficult to get rid of.

However, it could be argued that the UK media have exaggerated the threat posed by Japanese knotweed. Some news reports would have you believe that the plant can bulldoze entire houses if left to grow unchecked—but while the plant can cause a number of issues for homeowners, actual structural damage is very rare.


Japanese Knotweed growing against stone wall in garden

Japanese knotweed is one of the most infamous invasive species in the UK, known for its ability to rapidly spread and thrive in any condition and its difficulty to remove. Whilst you may be very familiar with Japanese knotweed, you may not have heard of a very similar plant, Giant knotweed.

Giant knotweed and Japanese knotweed have very similar names, and indeed are both members of the Fallopia family, a species of flowering plants native to Asia. However, some people use the names ‘Giant knotweed’ and ‘Japanese knotweed’ interchangeably, but it’s worth knowing that these are in fact two different plants.


Cardiff Castle

One of the reasons why Japanese knotweed has become such a menace in this country is its ability to spread rapidly. These days, knotweed can be found all over the UK, from Aberdeen to Plymouth - but some places are more heavily infested than others.

Learning that Japanese knotweed is a major presence in your local area can be alarming news. This invasive plant can cause a lot of problems, such as damaging the native ecosystem and driving down house prices. If you live in Cardiff (or nearby), you may be wondering whether Japanese knotweed is a big problem in this part of Wales.


can i be sued over Japanese knotweed

If you have a Japanese knotweed infestation on your property, you should be extremely careful. If the infestation spreads from your land onto neighbouring land, you can be sued. 

A quick internet search will reveal a number of legal cases where people have claimed thousands of pounds after finding Japanese knotweed that had encroached on their land. To avoid a court case, you should treat Japanese knotweed on your property before it has a chance to encroach onto neighbouring land - otherwise, you'll be left to face the consequences.



Japanese knotweed is a bothersome invasive species and, although not poisonous, it can still do plenty of damage to buildings and the natural habitats it overtakes.

More and more people are being made aware of its presence and its dangers, and how it can affect your property. As such, we’ve now reached a point where almost half of potential buyers wouldn’t buy a house with Japanese knotweed.


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