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Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica)

Finding Japanese knotweed on your property can be alarming, especially if you've read those scary news articles about how much damage this invasive plant can cause and the amount it can knock off the value of your home.

But there's no need to panic - Japanese knotweed can be controlled. We have removed this plant from countless properties, and while it's true that knotweed can cause structural damage by growing through small cracks and gaps, the risk is fairly minimal if you act quickly.

Taylor Total Weed Control is registered with the Property Care Association (PCA) and our knotweed removal plans include an insurance-backed guarantee, which is crucial if you're planning to buy or sell a property that's affected by Japanese knotweed.

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Japanese Knotweed Removal Quote: What to Expect

You may be worried that calling in a specialist to deal with your Japanese knotweed problem will be very expensive. If you feel that you cannot afford it, you might even be tempted to remove the plant yourself - but this is very risky, and you may end up accidentally making the problem worse. Even a small rhizome fragment can grow into a whole new plant if it finds its way back into the soil, and if you inadvertently allow your Japanese knotweed to spread into the wild, you may be fined or even sent to prison.

Besides, professional Japanese knotweed removal may not be as costly as you're imagining. Here's a testimonial we received recently from a client in South Wales - they were anxious because they thought our services would cost an arm and a leg, but when they received our quote, they were pleasantly surprised:

"We cannot speak highly enough of Taylor Total Weed Control. We approached them last year when Japenese Knotweed had taken hold on our land from neighbouring land. They attended and gave full information about Japanese knotweed, how it spreads, and how to control it. We nervously awaited their quote, which arrived later that day - the quote was extremely reasonable and affordable. You would pay more for a hotel room." - Llanharan Miners Welfare Hall & Fields

The price of Japanese knotweed removal does vary depending on certain circumstances (e.g. how widespread the problem is and how quickly you need the plant eradicated) but here's a rough idea of what we typically charge:

  • Basic initial survey - FREE

  • £250 plus VAT for a comprehensive survey with Japanese knotweed management plan (JKMP)

  • £75 plus VAT per herbicide application

  • £800 plus VAT for a three-year treatment plan plus two years of monitoring to make sure the plant doesn't return

  • £1,995 plus VAT for a ten-year guarantee

  • £850 plus VAT per square metre to dig up and dispose of your Japanese knotweed

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