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Property Care Association

If you've ever experienced any issues involving invasive weeds which have led you to do some research online, the chances of coming across the Property Care Association (PCA) are pretty high. Why? Well, the PCA is an independent trade association that represents professional property care specialists who need to meet stringent criteria before becoming members. Which includes the management of invasive weeds. 

This may not make a whole bunch of sense and could still lead to some confusion, so in this blog, we take a closer look at the PCA, who they are, what they do and why it is important to use a PCA-accredited when it comes to anything related to your property! 



Who are the Property Care Association?

We've briefly touched on who the PCA are in our blog intro, but for a greater understanding of the role that they play let's take a closer look.

The Property Care Association acts as an industry expert, striving to promote the work of the specialist contractor to clients, providing a voice on behalf of their members. 

The PCA works with government departments, provide assistance with the development of new guidelines as well as responding to consultation documents. All with the goal of enhancing outcomes and pushing for best practice. 

The PCA is the Trade Association representing the property care industry. The sectors in which they represent include:

  • Timber preservation 
  • Damp control 
  • Flood recovery & protection
  • Structural repair & waterproofing 
  • Invasive weed control 


Why choose a PCA-approved specialist?

When it comes to hiring a contractor out to complete specific work on your property, such as invasive weed control, it's important to look out for PCA accreditations. 

Why is this important? Well, by being PCA-approved, you offer a proven level of competence and quality that provides clients with peace of mind that the work being carried out on their property is genuine. This could be the difference between a company being chosen for work or not. 

Members of the PCA are required to measure up to challenging standards in order for them to be admitted into the PCA. Once a member, approved contractors are required to adhere to frequent quality checks to retain their 'approved' status. 


What this means for Japanese knotweed treatment 

When it comes to the treatment of Japanese knotweed, which falls under the sector of invasive weed control represented by the Property Care Association, it is vital that you choose a contractor that is PCA-registered, like Taylor Total Weed Control! 

As a member of the 'Trustmark' Government-endorsed scheme, contractors such as ourselves strive to ensure that customers can rely on trusted services from fully professional and experienced Japanese knotweed specialists. 

As a result of Taylor Total Weed Control's PCA registration, you can be confident that:

  1. We have the right skills and qualifications to tackle your knotweed infestation. 
  2. Any work carried out on your property will be completed to the highest of standards. 
  3. We have been audited thoroughly by independent experts. 
  4. We maintain and keep up with the latest industry developments. 
  5. Supply insurance-backed guarantees for any work conducted. 

You can view and learn more about our Japanese knotweed accreditations below. 

Our Accreditations >


If you'd like to learn more about our Property Care Association accreditation and what it means for your Japanese knotweed treatment, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today - we'd be more than happy to help!

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