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Artificial Grass

You might be surprised to read this, but artificial grass is not immune to weeds. True, a fake lawn requires less maintenance than a real one, but going artificial doesn't necessarily mean that you'll never have to worry about weeds again.

As a general rule, you will only ever notice weeds growing around the edge of your artificial lawn, although it is possible for weeds to push through from beneath - especially if your fake grass was installed without a weed-resistant membrane.

If you do spot any pesky weeds popping up, you will probably be able to stay on top of the problem by pulling the weeds up yourself. However, if your artificial lawn has a chronic weed problem, it may be worth calling in the professionals.

Taylor Total Weed Control is a Cardiff-based weed control company with many years of experience. We can remove weeds from a wide variety of different environments, including lawns (real and fake) as well as patios, driveways, car parks and so on.

Give us a call on 029 2039 7554 to arrange a FREE weed control survey. We'll have your outdoor space looking good again before you know it!

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Photo from Pixabay