Japanese knotweed distance from house

When it comes to Japanese knotweed, is there a distance away from your house that means it's okay? Are there circumstances where you should leave it alone? Let's find out!

When should I worry? - Distance between Japanese knotweed and house

If you've been reading about Japanese knotweed, you'll know that it has the potential to be a very damaging weed. During its peak growing season, it can grow up to 2cm a day and is well known for burrowing into cracks and weaknesses in walls and foundations. Left untreated, Japanese knotweed can do some serious damage.

We've had people call us before to ask what distance between the Japanese knotweed and their house is acceptable. Some people would tell you that as long as the Japanese knotweed is at least 7 metres away from your home, then you've got nothing to worry about. Now, this may be true... if you're only looking a couple of weeks down the line. What's not being accounted for is the distance and speed with which Japanese knotweed can spread!

As we've mentioned, during peak growing season, Japanese knotweed can grow up to 2cm per day, so within the year, that knotweed that was once at the bottom of your garden could have made its way towards your home, or worse, spread to neighbouring properties. 

What should I do if I find knotweed, but it's far away from my home?

Whether the Japanese knotweed is 7 metres away or 30 metres away, if it's on your property then it's your responsibility to get it treated. If it spreads to neighbouring properties then you could be looking at a hefty fine or court case. You can learn more about Japanese knotweed and the law here. 

So, what we'd recommend is that you get any signs of Japanese knotweed checked out by professionals as soon as possible. Here at Taylor Total Weed Control, we have a team of Japanese knotweed removal experts who can attend your property, assess the situation and provide you with a quote for the most appropriate Japanese knotweed treatment course for your infestation.

What should I do if my neighbour has Japanese knotweed?

We've covered the answer to this question in a previous blog, but to summarise:

  • Your neighbour is under no legal obligation to remove the Japanese knotweed on their own property (although this differs under Scottish law).
  • If the knotweed appears on your property it's classed as a private nuisance and you can take legal action.
  • You should enquire about our Expert Witness Service - designed to guide you through Japanese knotweed related legal disputes.

So, to summarise, if you find Japanese knotweed on your property we'd recommend you get it treated as soon as possible. Even if it's not causing you a problem right now, it will in the future!

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