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What to Do If You Find Japanese Knotweed Infographic


Infographic Transcript

When it comes to invasive plant species, Japanese knotweed is one of the most widespread and damaging you’ll ever come across. During the summer months, knotweed can grow as much as 2cm per day! Quickly ravaging gardens and damaging homes and roads in its path.

So, if you think you’ve spotted Japanese knotweed on or near your property and are wondering what you need to do, Taylor Total Weed Control is here to help with our handy infographic.


Step 1 – Contact a Professional

The first thing you need to do when you spot Japanese knotweed is to contact a professional company, such as Taylor Total Weed Control, in order to gain an understanding of the nature of the knotweed. Here you can gain expert advice and information on what to do next.


Step 2 – Request a Survey

If after contacting us you’d like to take your case further, the next step is to request a survey. Depending on where you live, your property will be surveyed within two working days of your enquiry, with two options available; a basic survey or a comprehensive survey.

A basic survey is free and consists of a property visit and a basic treatment program quote. A comprehensive survey is priced at £250 +VAT and consists of a detailed knotweed report and treatment plan.


Step 3 – Choose a Treatment Plan

Our Japanese knotweed treatment plans are available in two categories; Herbicide Application or Excavation & Removal.

Herbicide Application

This is a more affordable method of knotweed removal, where our fully-qualified technicians apply specialist herbicides to eradicate any knotweed that is present. Two options are available to choose from, starting from £75 +VAT per application.

Excavation & Removal

This program removes any Japanese knotweed that may be present on your property but costs more than herbicide application. Three options are available to choose from, with prices at around £850 +VAT per square metre.


For more information on what to do if you find Japanese knotweed on or around your property, be sure to visit our website today or contact us on 02920 397 554.

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