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A recent news report details how 4 properties were impacted by a Japanese knotweed infestation that had been left to grow wild for almost a decade. All four of the residents were living on the same street when the infestation was discovered.

The Japanese knotweed, which was over 8ft tall, had spread from neighbouring land owned by Network Rail. All four of the homes backed onto a railway line where the Japanese knotweed originated. Since Network Rail had failed to spot and treat the problem before it encroached on to neighbouring land, the four homeowners were able to file claims for compensation.

Did you know that homeowners in the UK can file claims for any Japanese knotweed encroachment that develops over 1 metre onto their land? So, don't be afraid to get in touch with your lawyers if you think your property might have been affected by this troublesome weed!

How was this case resolved? Well, the homeowners settled for a combined £42,500 in damages from Network Rail as they admitted they'd failed to maintain the railway and prevent the spread of the Japanese knotweed.

In a comment, Network Rail said, "We will always take action to manage thee plant whenever it is identified on our land and will look to work constructively with our neighbours to stop it spreading."

There are lots of areas in the southwest of the country that are affected by Japanese knotweed including Bolton, Bristol, Cardiff and Swansea. If you think you may have a Japanese knotweed problem on your land, you should seek the help of a professional removal company straight away!

Thankfully, if you're looking for a professional knotweed removal company, you're in the right place! Here at Taylor Total Weed Control, we've been treating Japanese knotweed for years, and we offer a range of different treatments to suit your circumstances.

We can even support you through your legal claim with our expert witness services! Give us a call to find out more 029 2039 7554 or check out our treatments below.

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