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Japanese knotweed

Finding Japanese knotweed in your garden may fill you with dread - especially if you've read all those horror stories about the damage this invasive species can cause and the effect it can have on property values.

But don't panic! There are steps you can take to halt the spread of Japanese knotweed and limit its impact on your home.

We at Taylor Total Weed Control are Property Care Association-registered Japanese knotweed specialists. Here are the 5 steps we recommend taking right away if you think you've got Japanese knotweed on your property...


1. Make sure it's actually Japanese knotweed.

There are quite a few plants that look similar to Japanese knotweed - before you act, it's worth taking a second look at your botanical invader to make sure it's not something else entirely.

Bindweed and Russian vine, among other plants, are commonly mistaken for Japanese knotweed. Visit our Japanese Knotweed Identification page for more information.


2. Get in touch with a Japanese knotweed specialist.

UK law does not require you to remove Japanese knotweed from your own property, but you may be prosecuted if you allow it to spread. We DO NOT RECOMMEND attempting to get rid of your Japanese knotweed on your own - you may well end up making the problem worse if you do not follow the correct protocol.

In the first place, we recommend contacting a specialist contractor and arranging for them to visit your property. They will be able to carry out a Japanese knotweed survey and advise you what your next move should be.


3. Check whether it spread from a neighbour's property.

Try to find out where your Japanese knotweed came from. If it started on a neighbouring property and spread into your garden, you should mention this to your Japanese knotweed expert. They may recommend that you contact a solicitor who specialises in this type of case, as it's possible that your neighbour has committed an offence by allowing the knotweed to spread from their property to yours. That being said, it's always better to resolve these disputes amicably if possible - see How to Resolve a Japanese Knotweed Dispute with Your Neighbour.

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