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There's a lot of information online that could lead you to believe Japanese knotweed is some kind of 'super-plant' with incredible strength and an appetite for destruction, but this simply isn't the case. Japanese knotweed is similar to other plants in a lot of ways. It grows like other plants, looks like other plants and can be harmless if it's dealt with quickly.

So why do we worry about Japanese knotweed so much? Well, while Japanese knotweed is not a fearsome beast in its own right, it can certainly cause a lot of problems if it's left untreated. Let's take a look at some of the issues Japanese knotweed can cause in more detail to establish whether Japanese knotweed is as bad as they say it is...


Can Japanese knotweed cause structural damage?

Yes, Japanese knotweed is capable of causing structural damage, but only if it's allowed to grow for a prolonged period of time. One of the key traits of Japanese knotweed is its capability of growing between tiny gaps in paving and walls in order to find nutrients and sunlight. While this may not cause structural damage right away, pressure can start to build as the plant continues to grow. This pressure can cause cracks to worsen and can eventually result in structural damage.

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Can Japanese knotweed stop me from buying a house?

Yes, Japanese knotweed can be a huge problem if you're trying to purchase a house. Lenders will generally only proceed with your mortgage application if you have a Japanese knotweed treatment plan in place. We've heard stories of some buyers trying to tackle the knotweed themselves, but generally, lenders will only accept a professional treatment plan. This is because it's easy for herbicides to be applied wrong, and for excavation efforts to be unsuccessful when they're carried out by untrained personnel. For that reason, we'd always recommend implementing a professional Japanese knotweed treatment plan if you're trying to purchase or sell a property with a knotweed infestation.

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Can I get in trouble for allowing Japanese knotweed to spread?

While it's not illegal to have Japanese knotweed on your property, it is illegal to let Japanese knotweed spread from your property into the wild. People who do so can be fined or even imprisoned under UK law. If you're worried that a Japanese knotweed infestation on your property is spreading to a neighbouring property, you should seek specialist advice. Taking steps to control the knotweed will help you to avoid legal complications.

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How can you help me treat Japanese knotweed?

So is Japanese knotweed as bad as they say it is? In some scenarios, yes, but like we've mentioned, Japanese knotweed problems can be avoided altogether if you get a professional treatment plan in place as soon as possible! Here's how we can help you treat Japanese knotweed:

The message we want you to take away is that Japanese knotweed is not a 'super-plant' and it's not going to destroy your home overnight. However...if you leave Japanese knotweed to grow on your property for a long period of time, it can potentially lead to a lot of complications including structural damage, legal problems and more. Get in touch with the Taylor Total Weed Control team to find out more.

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