Japanese knotweed

SHORT ANSWER: To kill Japanese knotweed, we recommend a three-year herbicide programme, followed by a two-year monitoring period to make sure it doesn't come back. However, we also offer excavation and removal if you need quick results.

Like old habits and Bruce Willis, Japanese knotweed dies hard. This invasive plant species is tough and versatile - it can grow in all sorts of different environments, and it's very difficult to destroy. Just when you think you've gotten rid of it once and for all, spring arrives, and those purple shoots emerge from the ground yet again.

Killing Japanese knotweed requires patience and persistence. If you're serious about eradicating your Japanese knotweed problem for good, read on...


Winter won't kill your Japanese knotweed for you

During the cold winter months, Japanese knotweed goes into its dormant phase and retreats beneath the soil. Just as many animals hibernate during the winter, Japanese knotweed tends to disappear at this time of year - but that doesn't mean it's gone.

Japanese knotweed has a highly durable rhizome root system, and even when the weather is very cold, those roots can survive underground and sprout anew when the temperature goes up again. So don't be fooled!

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How long does it take to kill Japanese knotweed with herbicide?

Just one application of weed killer probably won't be enough to see off your knotty nemesis. Even when the plant appears to be dead, that study rhizome root system is often still alive, lurking in the soil, waiting to grow back and resume the fight.

To get the job done properly, Taylor Total Weed Control recommends a 3 year treatment programme with a 2 year monitoring period. This will ensure that the Japanese knotweed in your garden is well and truly terminated.

We can also provide an insurance-backed guarantee for added peace of mind.

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I'm in a hurry - can't you kill my Japanese knotweed any quicker than that?

If time is limited (e.g. if you're trying to finalise a property deal but concerns about Japanese knotweed are holding things up), we do offer several alternatives to our recommended herbicide programme. For example, we can:

  • Dig up your Japanese knotweed and dispose of it at an approved facility
  • Bury your Japanese knotweed in a special weed-proof membrane
  • Relocate your Japanese knotweed and affected soil to another part of your site

Excavation is more expensive than killing your Japanese knotweed with herbicides, but this may be preferable if you don't have time for a full three-year treatment programme.

Call Taylor Total Weed Control on 029 2039 7554 to discuss your requirements and request a quote for your preferred Japanese knotweed removal plan.

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