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If you have a tree stump in your garden as a result of having a tree cut down and would like it to be removed, you have two options to choose from. The first is to get it removed completely, including the roots, which typically involves a lot of heavy machinery such as a Bobcat along with a lot of mess. The second option you can choose is to get the stump ground down through a process known as stump grinding. 

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Tree stump

What is stump grinding?

Tree stump grinding is the process that works to remove a whole tree stump on your property using a power tool. The tool works by chipping away at the wood using a rotating cutting disc which grinds the stump into small chips until it is gone. The operator guides the blade over the stump as it reduces the wood to chips until the stump is taken down well below ground level.

The stump grinder, like many other pieces of equipment, comes in many sizes. Some as small as a lawnmower and some as big as a van! The size of the grinder needed, of course, will all depend on how big your tree stump is and how difficult it will be to get it removed. 


What happens to the wood chips after grinding?

As a result of stump grinding, expect to see a lot of wood chips. Now, what you decided to do with the wood chips is totally up to you but here are a couple of ways that you can make use out of them. These include:

  • Use them as mulch on-site 
  • Add them to your green waste 
  • Use them to fill in the hole left by the stump to decay 


Types of stump grinder

As mentioned above, stump grinders are available in many different forms. Here are some of the different types of grinders you can use:

  • Riding grinders - These grinders are agile and require the operator to work them from a seat similar to a tractor or Bobcat.

  • Hand-guided grinders - These are small, lightweight stump grinders used for more manageable stumps. They offer great portability and are easy to use. 

  • Rear-hitch grinders - These grinders can be attached to a trailer or truck to be transported and are then detached on-site and placed into position.

  • Skid grinders - This type of stump grinder has continuous track treads similar to a tank and are operated from the rear or the top.

  • Grinder attachment - You can add a grinder attachment to a skid steer where it will be used by the same arms that guide either a bucket or trench attachment


Why remove a stump?

If you have a tree in your garden or property that you'd like to be removed, this is often done by a tree surgeon. However, removing the tree's stump is often an additional task which requires additional equipment, such as a grinder. 

Some may decide to leave the stump where it is, but it is best practice to get the stump removed along with the tree itself as if the stump isn't entirely dead, there is a slight chance that it can begin to regrow. You can learn more about why you should remove your tree stump in our blog below.

Why Remove Tree Stumps? >

Alternatively, if you have a tree stump on your property that you'd like to be removed, Taylor Total Weed Control can help! You can find more information on our tree stump removal services and get in touch with a member of our team today.

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