From calculators and karaoke to sushi and sumo wrestling, Japan has given many gifts to the outside world. Sadly, Japanese knotweed is not one of them…

Japanese knotweed grows thick and fast with roots strong enough to break through tarmac. If neglected, it can cause havoc beneath the surface of your property.

Worse still, typical home insurance policies won’t cover damage caused by Japanese knotweed. While this does mean your insurance premiums may be unaffected, it does mean you are left to foot the removal bill.

Do I need Japanese knotweed insurance?

While it is also known as Fallopia japonica, don’t let its sweet-sounding alias fool you – this hellish herb can have a devastating effect on your property. In fact, it can leave your house reeling and rock your home’s foundation like an impromptu visit from Godzilla.

Japanese knotweed can cause structural damage to your property, ravage drainage systems and can even result in subsidence issues. If you believe your home is at risk from this savage shrub at its ruinous roots, it may be worth investing in Japanese knotweed insurance.

A good policy should see you covered for a full site survey, treatment and removal of Japanese knotweed and reparation costs in the event of damage, as well as legal expenses for any costs incurred as a result of a third-party claim.

Where can I get Japanese knotweed insurance?

While it can be hard to come by, there are a number of insurers who do cover Japanese knotweed (typically in the form of Japanese knotweed indemnity insurance). That being said, in this situation, the best form of defence is attack and arranging for Japanese knotweed treatment can be the best solution all round.

Taylor Weed Control is the leading Japanese knotweed removal specialist in Wales. With over 15 years of experience, our team of qualified surveyors and experienced technicians can rid your property of this unwelcome guest and leave your home healthy and flora free.

So, don’t let this evil export from “The Land of the Rising Sun” put a dark cloud over your property. Call Taylor Weed Control today on 029 2039 7554  or fill out our online enquiry form below and say “sayonara” to your knotweed for good. 

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