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does japanese knotweed affect home insurance

 As well as damaging brickwork to causing arguments with the neighbour, Japanese knotweed can have lots of detrimental impacts on your property. Left untreated it can make your home difficult to sell and can cause lasting damage. You might be wondering whether or not Japanese knotweed will affect your home insurance, which is a sensible question if you're a concerned homeowner. In this blog, we'll explain exactly how Japanese knotweed can affect your home insurance.


Can I get a home insurance quote for a house with Japanese knotweed?

No. Most home insurance providers will not cover the cost of Japanese knotweed removal or the cost of damages caused by the plant. For that reason, they aren't likely to consider the Japanese knotweed on your property as a relevant factor when providing you with a quote. That being said, if your home insurance provider asks you directly about the presence of Japanese knotweed on the property, it's wise to be honest about the situation. If you know there's an infestation it's best to disclose this before your quote is finalised. You might find that they can offer assistance in the event that it spreads to neighbouring properties etc.


Will my home insurance cover Japanese knotweed?

Generally, home insurance providers will not cover Japanese knotweed. This means they won't pay for the treatment of the weed on your property & they won't cover any damages caused by Japanese knotweed either. There are certain circumstances that home insurers might pay out for including:

  • Damages caused by Japanese knotweed that's from a neighbouring property
  • The plant has caused your property to subside
  • The seller of the property has lied to you about the presence of Japanese knotweed

It's always best to check the terms of your chosen home insurance policy with regards to Japanese knotweed. Reach out to them directly if you cannot see it mentioned in your policy documents.


Will my home insurer pay out if a neighbour claims against me?

For those of you that aren't aware, allowing Japanese knotweed to spread from your property onto neighbouring land (private or public) is against the law. If one of your neighbours discovers a Japanese knotweed problem that originated on your property, there's a chance that you could be found liable for the loss of value of their home, and may have to cover the cost of treatment.

If this is something you are worried about, we would recommend asking your home insurance company about add-on legal expenses insurance. This is not always included in standard home insurance policies but is definitely worth investigating if you're worried about the spread of Japanese knotweed on your land.

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Help, I've found Japanese knotweed on my property!

If you suspect there's a Japanese knotweed infestation on your property, try not to panic. While it's true that your home insurer might not assist you, there are ways to treat the weed quickly and effectively. Here at Taylor Total Weed Control, we have successfully removed Japanese knotweed from a wide range of properties across South Wales. Our technicians will assess the infestation and will provide you with a quote for the most suitable removal plan. 

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You don't need to rely on home insurance to cover your Japanese knotweed problems, get in touch with the Taylor Total Weed Control team and we'll help you get the problem under control in no time! If you have any questions about the services we offer, get in touch.

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