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tree stump

So, you've finally cut down the tree in your back garden that has been plaguing your property since forever, but now you're wondering if it'll grow back? Can it grow back? 

If you're worried about an old tree stump growing back and the thought of having to deal with it again, don't panic, Taylor Total Weed Control are here to help! 

In this blog, we take a look at the possibility of tree stumps growing back and what you can do to ensure your property remains tree and stump-free. 


Can tree stumps grow back after being removed?

Despite most gardeners stressing over plants that are sometimes difficult to grow, some worry about plants that are hard to kill. This is sometimes the case for trees and their stumps that tend to regrow even after they are cut down. Some species of trees and shrubs are so tenacious that even after cutting right to the ground, they sprout again and again. 

Almost all species of plant that are deciduous (where leaves fall off seasonally or at a certain stage of development) have the ability to sprout again after being cut down, however, it is not as common in evergreen coniferous trees and shrubs.


What is stump sprouting?

The process of stump sprouting is when a new stump forms after being cut down. This is a natural process that occurs for the regeneration of plants which, for example, allows forests to return after a fire and prevents the death of saplings after they've been eaten by wildlife. 

The way that stumps are able to regrow through sprouting is through the root system storing some of the energy produced in photosynthesis and directing it into new growth.

Given enough time, the trunk of the tree will start to recover and grow into a full-sized tree again, however, whether or not that happens will depend on how well the sprouts themselves grow.


Removing the sprouts 

If presented with the right conditions and time, the stump sprouts will flourish and eventually grow back into a tree. If after cutting down your tree this is something you'd prefer to avoid, then it's important that you remove any tree stumps that are left in your garden. 

To do this, you'll be required to cut the sprouts off right below the soil. However, sometimes this doesn't always work and you'll need to find where the roots and the stump come together and cut the sprouts away.


Our tree stump removal services 

So, now that you know that a tree stump can regrow after being cut away, you'll want to make sure that any stumps removed from your garden have been done in the proper way. That's where we come in! 

The team of experienced professionals here at Taylor Total Weed Control can help to ensure your tree stump is properly removed and the risk of regrowth from sprouts is totally eradicated. You can learn more about how we remove tree stumps on our page below.

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