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Here at Taylor Total Weed Control, we offer two different types of surveys depending on the level of information that you need. A basic survey will help you identify whether you have Japanese knotweed or not, while our in-depth survey will give you a wealth of information about the problem.

japanese knotweed survey

Basic Japanese Knotweed Survey

This Japanese knotweed survey is supplied free of charge*. It will tell you whether or not there is Japanese knotweed on the site and it will tell you the different prices for our treatment options.

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*This survey is free of charge unless there are high travel costs to get to the site.


japanese knotweed removal costs

Japanese knotweed is not only a notoriously invasive and destructive species, but it's also quite complicated to remove. One of the reasons that Japanese knotweed is so prevalent is that it's able to grow from a tiny fragment (3cm) of rhizome in the soil. 

As you can imagine, thorough removal of Japanese knotweed and its root system is necessary if you want to prevent the spread of the invasive weed in the garden. DIY solutions and botch jobs will only create more knotweed problems for you later down the line!

Take a look at how badly some of the popular DIY methods performed if you don't believe us...

Japanese Knotweed Removal Cost

If you want to eradicate Japanese knotweed from your property for good, it's important that you invest in a professional Japanese knotweed removal service

Here at Taylor Total Weed Control, we offer a range of Japanese knotweed removal packages - all of which are very competitively priced. 

Our Japanese knotweed removal services start at £750 (plus VAT). This cost covers the treatment and removal of your knotweed problem as well as the reports and documents that are required by lenders.

Here's a breakdown of the costs so you can see why our Japanese knotweed removal services offer excellent value for money compared to other Japanese knotweed companies out there.

First, you need to decide which survey is right for you. We've kept the costs on our Japanese knotweed surveys as low as possible so that you can get answers without breaking the bank! Remember, our surveys are no-obligation, so you're not tied into a treatment program with us until you're 100% happy with our quote.

  • Basic Japanese knotweed survey - FREE! We'll visit your property and give you a program quote.
  • Comprehensive survey - £250 +VAT. We'll provide a comprehensive report and detailed treatment program

Next, you need to select a treatment plan. Our specialist technicians are happy to advise you on the best treatment for your circumstances if you're not sure which method will work best. Take a look at our Japanese knotweed removal costs below.

Herbicide application

Herbicide treatments as and when you need them, start at £75 +VAT per application. This is a great option if you're working with a small budget and are happy to have us come back to your property as and when you need us.

Our 3-year treatment program and 2-year guarantee starts at just £800 +VAT. Additional guarantees can be added to this for an additional cost. 

As you can see, herbicide treatment programs are suitable for smaller budgets and they're also very effective. With our guarantees, you can be confident that the Japanese knotweed will not return to your property for years after treatment. 

Excavation programs

If you want to go for a quicker approach to Japanese knotweed removal, excavation is a good option - but it does come with a slightly higher price tag.

We use special equipment to dig the Japanese knotweed out of the ground, including the rhizome root system and any contaminated soil. This is then transferred to a specialist landfill site where it won't spread or cause problems on surrounding land. 

This method of Japanese knotweed removal starts at £850 +VAT per m². This covers the excavation and the removal of all the debris so you'll be left with a clean, knotweed free garden!

We can also add an insurance backed guarantee to any of our treatment plans with a guarantee for £75 - giving you absolute peace of mind. Even if we stop trading, you will be covered if the Japanese knotweed returns.

Our Treatment Plans >

As you can see, Japanese knotweed removal is more costly than other weed removal services, but that's because the training and equipment required to eradicate it come with a price! We provide a very cost-effective Japanese knotweed treatment service to all of our clients. So if you have a Japanese knotweed problem on your land - don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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Rubbish skip

Disposing of Japanese knotweed is a delicate business. One must be extremely careful when handling this invasive weed - even a tiny fragment of its hardy rhizome root system can grow into a whole new plant if returned to the soil.

For this reason, there are a lot of rules about what you can and can't do with Japanese knotweed after digging it up. If you allow the plant to spread into the wild, you may be fined thousands of pounds or even imprisoned (see Japanese Knotweed Law).


When it comes to the treatment of Japanese knotweed, there are a number of options to consider. The two most popular choices, however, are those of excavation and herbicide application.

Now, we know excavation may sound a little scary but we can assure you that your whole garden isn't going to be ripped to pieces. Regardless, the thought of having a digger on or around your property tearing away at the ground can be somewhat offputting, therefore herbicide application is often the go-to choice for many homeowners.

One of the many discussed treatments is glyphosate, an active ingredient in many herbicides. But does glyphosate kill Japnese knotweed off completely? Let's find out...


eradicate japanese knotweed

In previous blogs, we've spoken about the damage that Japanese knotweed can cause, the effect Japanese knotweed has on house prices and the persistence of Japanese knotweed that always seems to find its way back. 

When you get to understand how much of a problem Japanese knotweed is, you begin to question - "Is it possible to eradicate Japanese knotweed permanently?"

It is sometimes possible to get rid of Japanese knotweed once and for all, but DIY methods are not the way to do it. We've heard stories of people tackling their Japanese knotweed problems with all kinds of home remedies including bleach and salt - none of which have done a good enough job to get rid of the troublesome weed for good. 

Speak to the Professionals

With Japanese knotweed treatment, you can't afford to mess around. As we've mentioned, there are a whole host of reasons why Japanese knotweed needs to be dealt with properly. Not only can it cause structural damage, it can also make selling your home incredibly difficult. 

Here at Taylor Total Weed Control, we offer comprehensive Japanese knotweed treatment packages that begin with a FREE consultation. Our technicians will visit the site and carry out an assessment of your Japanese knotweed problem. 

From there, they can offer you a range of Japanese knotweed treatment options that are effective at killing the Japanese knotweed shoots and the root network underground. 

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Japanese Knotweed Guarantee 

We know what you're thinking, how can you be sure that these Japanese knotweed treatments will eradicate the Japanese knotweed permanently? That's where our Japanese knotweed guarantees come in.

We offer a 5 or a 10-year guarantee with our Japanese knotweed treatment plans that ensures your home is kept Japanese knotweed free permanently after it's treated. Our specialist team will work with you for as long as you need, and can even carry out Japanese knotweed treatments as and when you need them if you find that the problem re-occurs. 

If you have any questions about our Japanese knotweed treatments, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 029 2039 7554.

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