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Japanese knotweed near property boundary

Japanese knotweed on your property is a problem, but this invasive plant can also pose a problem if it's growing near your property. RICS guidance states that a mortgage valuer, when surveying a property for Japanese knotweed, must report any knotweed found within 3 metres of the property boundary to the lender (which can complicate the process of buying or selling the property in question).


What should I do if there's Japanese knotweed near my property?

If you suspect there is Japanese knotweed growing within 3m of your property boundary, you should start by contacting an invasive weed specialist. They will be able to confirm whether knotweed is present and assess the extent of the infestation.

The next step may involve asking the owner of the neighbouring land to deal with their knotweed problem before it encroaches on your property. An experienced Japanese knotweed specialist will be able to help with this too.


About us

Taylor Total Weed Control is a weed control company specialising in Japanese knotweed control. We are registered with RICS and the Property Care Association (PCA).

We have helped homeowners all over South Wales and South West England to tackle Japanese knotweed quickly and effectively. Here's a review from someone we assisted recently:

"When my partner and I were buying our first home together, we were concerned that there was knotweed present near the property boundary. We reached out to Taylor Total Weed Control and I spoke to Rob, who was happy to come out and complete a free survey.

"Rob was honest and straight to the point during the survey, which I really appreciated. He put all my concerns to rest - highly recommended."

If you're worried about Japanese knotweed encroaching on your property, please don't hesitate to contact Taylor Total Weed Control for expert advice. We offer a range of reasonably-priced treatment plans and can help to resolve disputes between neighbours regarding Japanese knotweed.

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