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Japanese knotweed can be a nightmare to deal with, its rapid spreading and difficulty to remove make it one of the most dreaded invasive weeds found in the UK.

If you’re currently struggling with Japanese Knotweed on your property, you may be looking for a way to remove it.

If you’ve found your way to this blog you might be wondering if you can use diesel to kill your Japanese knotweed. If this is a question you’ve found yourself wondering, you’re in the right place to find an answer.


Can Diesel Be Used to Kill Japanese Knotweed?

There is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that diesel can be used to effectively eradicate a Japanese knotweed infection. The rhizome (root system) will not be killed by the application of diesel, even if you cut open the knotweed and pour the diesel in. 

On the contrary, there are a vast number of reasons you shouldn’t even attempt to use diesel to kill knotweed.

Diesel Is a Potential Biohazard

Diesel is a potentially toxic substance, and pouring diesel anywhere on your lawn or property could have detrimental effect on the health of your lawn, as well as on the natural biodiversity.

Any benefit that would come in the shape of killing the knotweed would be heavily outweighed by the damage you would do to your lawn by pouring diesel all over it.

Diesel Is Highly Flammable

Diesel is an extremely flammable material, and whether you were planning on using the diesel to burn the knotweed or were just hoping to poison it, having that diesel sat on your property is potentially very dangerous.

All it would take is a small spark to send your garden up in flames, and depending on the proximity to your house, it could also cause a dangerous house fire.

Diesel Is Potentially Toxic

Diesel is potentially toxic, not just to the environment, but also to your body. Particularly if you plan on using diesel to burn the knotweed, inhaling the fumes from a diesel fire can negatively affect a number of your organs.

Inhaling diesel fumes can trigger symptoms in asthmatics, cause an allergic reaction, and long-term exposure can cause of number of serious health effects.

There is no shortage of serious reasons you shouldn’t attempt to use diesel to kill Japanese knotweed - besides, with the cost of diesel right now, it’ll probably be cheaper (and less dangerous!) to invest in professional knotweed removal services.

Japanese knotweed professional services are by far the best way to handle a Japanese knotweed infestation. If you’d like to find out more about how Taylor Total Weed Control can help you deal with the Japanese knotweed on your property, why not check out the informational pages on our website?

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