autumn moss control

During autumn, lawns and gardens can be plagued by a blanket of moss. The most common types of moss you see are yellow tufts which emerge between blades of grass, these give your lawn an uneven texture and colour and can make the lawn feel bouncy underfoot.

Why does moss appear in autumn?

Moss is known to be a particularly bad problem during the autumn months, but why is that? Well, moss can appear in your garden for a number of reasons including:

  • Wet weather or waterlogging
  • Heavily compacted soil
  • Worn areas of grass where children have been playing
  • Soil that lacks nutrition
  • Shaded/dark areas, particularly beneath shrubs or trees

All of these problems that can lead to moss growth are common throughout the autumn months. Firstly, soil can be compacted and worn down a lot more while children are at home over the summer holidays. Next, nutrition in the soil is taken by garden plants during their fastest-growing period. And finally, autumn brings a lot of rain showers which can lead to flooding and waterlogging. All of these factors contribute to the conditions that allow moss to thrive. 

Where does moss grow?

While some people believe moss problems are isolated to lawns, this isn't strictly true. Moss can grow pretty much anywhere when the conditions are good and is known to crop up on logs, tree roots, walls, rocks and buildings. Cracks in tree bark and crevices in walls are particularly favourable places for moss to grow. Why? Because these dark areas a great at collecting moisture and trapping heat. This creates the perfect 'microclimate' where moss can flourish.

How to control the spread of moss in autumn

If you notice a moss problem developing in your garden, you'll want to treat it quickly. Applying ferrous sulphate moss killers and raking the moss to physically remove it from your garden is a great way to keep the moss under control. Generally, moss treatments will need to be repeated every 1-2 months, which can be tiresome for some homeowners. We'd recommend enquiring about our moss control service if you've noticed a developing moss problem this autumn.

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What else can I do to protect my lawn in autumn?

Autumn moss control is one of a few different lawn care services you should be considered for the autumn months. Autumn can be a particularly challenging time for your garden, so it's important you look after it properly. We have lawn care experts here at Taylor Total Weed Control who offer an incredible autumn lawn care treatment.

Your Autumn lawn care plan should include:

  • Weed control
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Topdressing
  • Scarification
  • Disease protection
  • Worm and pest control

Autumn moss control doesn't have to be a hassle, speak to the moss control experts at Taylor Total Weed Control for a free survey of your moss problem today. Call 029 2039 7554 now!

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