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Japanese knotweed (fallopia japonica) is a highly invasive plant species that is well known for being particularly troublesome and difficult to get rid of. It’s vigorous growth and tenacious root system can penetrate deep into the ground and cause damage to structures, as well as the surrounding ecosystems. More...

is japanese knotweed dangerous?

If you’ve ever heard of Japanese knotweed, then you probably already know that it’s never a good thing to find it growing on your property. There are several dangerous plants that grow in the UK, but is knotweed one of them?

There are many different ways in which a plant can be considered to be dangerous, so let’s break it down and answer the question is Japanese knotweed dangerous?


If you’re struggling with Japanese knotweed on your property, you may be wondering what treatment method is best equipped to help rid your property of this problem plant.


weeds growing in the cracks of a driveway

Weeds can be very tenacious things, able to grow in all manner of unusual places. As well as in your lawn, you can also find weeds growing in walls, gutters, even sometimes in damp carpets. One of the more common locations you can find weeds growing is in the driveway, through cracks in the concrete or in between paving slabs. Although a driveway may not seem like prime growing conditions, that doesn’t seem to matter much to the weeds!

Whilst the weeds growing in your driveway might not seem like such an intrusion at first, if left unattended, they can continue to grow an unmanageable amount,  where they can cause further cracking damage. They can even lift and deform your paving to create an unstable surface.


Japanese knotweed typically grows to a max height of 2 metres, but in some extreme cases, it can grow even taller!

Japanese knotweed – or fallopia japonica – is an invasive species found in the UK and across most continents. If the name sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because it’s one of the most well-known (and hated) invasive species in the UK.

Knotweed is well-known for its very deep and extensive rhizome system, the very feature that makes it so difficult to permanently remove. While knotweed is known for its downward growth, if you’ve found your way to this blog, you’re likely wondering just how tall Japanese knotweed can grow.


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