best way to get rid of japanese knotweed

If you've found Japanese knotweed on your property it's important you get rid of it quickly and efficiently. Leaving it for weeks or months can have a detrimental impact on your property and can even lead to disputes with neighbours! Of course, there's more than one way to tackle Japanese knotweed and some ways are better than others. In today's blog, we take a look at the different methods of Japanese knotweed removal to find out what the best way to get rid of Japanese knotweed is. 


One of the ways you can remove Japanese knotweed is by burning it. Yes, this may seem a little extreme, but incinerating the dried knotweed plant is an effective way to make sure that it doesn't grow back. There are a few problems with this method that means it probably isn't 'the best way to get rid of Japanese knotweed'.

  • The Japanese knotweed needs to be completely dried out
  • You need a micro incinerator to control the burn
  • You need to get in touch with the local council to make sure it's safe and legal to have a fire on your property

Excavation and Landfill

Another method of removing Japanese knotweed is to excavate the site and take the Japanese knotweed and infested soil to a specialist landfill site. This is method is far less dangerous than the burning approach we described previously but it does also create some logistical challenges.

The diggers needed to excavate and remove the knotweed need a  clear access route, and you need to be comfortable with the idea of part of your garden being dug up and removed. In order to make sure that the entire Japanese knotweed plant and the root system is removed, the site needs to be excavated quite deeply. 

Excavation and removal treatments do have a high success rate, so they're definitely worth considering if your property has the appropriate access. Is this the best way to get rid of Japanese knotweed? For some people, yes. However, there is one more way that might just steal the top spot. 

Herbicide Application

The final method we want to look at today is herbicide application. Not only is this one of the more affordable method, but it's also more likely to completely rid your property of Japanese knotweed for good. Here's how it works. 

  • First, you make sure that there are no bodies of water nearby that could be contaminated with the herbicide. 
  • Then, the Japanese knotweed plant is sprayed with specialist herbicides (which cannot be bought commercially)
  • Finally, after a few applications, the plant will die and it can be safely removed from the site

While you still need to dig up a large portion of your lawn to excavate the (now dead) Japanese knotweed, the likelihood of any living rhizomes creating a new problem later down the line is greatly reduced.  For this reason, we would argue that herbicide application and removal is the best way to get rid of Japanese knotweed!

Here at Taylor Total Weed Control, we offer both excavation and herbicide application services. You can learn more about our treatment options and make an enquiry here. Get in touch if you have any questions about the best way to get rid of Japanese knotweed on your property 029 2039 7554.

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