Moss Control on Paths

A mossy path can be problematic for a number of reasons. Not only is it unsightly, it may be dangerously slippery, and the moss can - in some cases - actually cause damage to the path by lifting stones or creating cracks as it grows.

For these and other reasons, it's a good idea to act quickly when you notice moss growing on your path or driveway. An Internet search for 'how to kill moss' will provide you with dozens of home remedies - most of them involving vinegar - but if you want results that last, the best course of action is usually to call in a moss control specialist who can treat the problem properly.

Why is moss growing on my path?

As the RHS website explains, moss - and similar growths like algae and lichens - are usually found in damp places where there's plenty of moisture. Your path may be more prone to moss growth if:

  • The path is in a shady spot
  • There are trees and/or other plants overhanging the path
  • Water remains on the path for a long time after rain (poor drainage)

The RHS actually recommend allowing moss and lichens to flourish in areas they don't present a hazard (e.g. on stone sculptures), but we've already touched upon, a mossy path can present a serious slip hazard, especially in winter. So what can you do?

Get your mossy path under control!

Here at Taylor Weed Control, we offer a professional moss control service that's available in Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea, and most other parts of South Wales and South West England.

Our seasoned moss control experts will use specialist treatments to control your moss and keep it under control for the long term. We've helped all kinds of clients to deal with their moss problems, including sports clubs and local authorities as well as private residents.

If you'd like to request a FREE moss control survey, please call Taylor Weed Control on 029 2039 7554 or email today.

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Photo courtesy of Pixabay