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is moss dangerous

Gardeners across the UK will understand how difficult it is to prevent moss from appearing in your garden, but is moss dangerous? The short answer is no. Unlike fungus, moss does not produce spores or poisons that are dangerous to humans. So what's the problem with it?

While moss itself isn't dangerous, it can cause a myriad of problems if it's left to develop throughout your garden. Moss is capable of retaining moisture for a long period of time, and since moss can grow just about anywhere, moss can be a problem on your roof, your patio, your lawn... the list goes on!


What problems does moss cause?


So, what's the problem with having moss in your lawn if it's not strictly dangerous? Well, moss has a tendency to form in thick patches across your lawn. These large mossy areas trap excess moisture in the soil, prevent nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass and, over time, can kill the young grass blades that are starting to grow. You don't want your grass to be competing with moss, so the best thing you can do is remove it before it becomes too thick.


If you've ever noticed moss on your patio, you'll see that it likes to grow in the cracks between the tiles. That's because moss thrives in damp, warm and dark places. Over time, moss growing between your patio slabs can expand and create cracks. Worse still, if the moss grows underneath your tiles, it can actually cause them to lift and become displaced, and if it grows on top, it can be a real slip hazard. You really don't want moss to plague your patio, so you should seek professional help to remove it right away.


Moss tends to grow on our roofs and in our guttering because they're wet most of the time. The problem with moss on the roof is that we often don't see it until it's started to cause problems! Moss on the roof can cause the shingles to rot because it softens the porous material. Once the shingles have been softened, they're not so good at protecting your roof and they're a lot more likely to absorb water and disintegrate.


Professional moss removal

While moss might not be dangerous in its own right, it certainly can cause a lot of problems around your home and garden. Here at Taylor Total Weed Control, we recommend treating signs of moss right away, before it has time to spread. Treating moss on your own can be difficult, and you don't want to do more damage in the process. With a little help from the experts at Taylor Total Weed Control, you can rid your garden of unwanted moss in no time!

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