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how to get rid of unwanted shrubs

If you're thinking about redesigning your garden, you might be wondering how you can strip your garden back and start a-fresh. Shrubs, like trees, become well established in your garden over time, their roots run deep into the ground and they can grow up to several metres in height and width. If you'd like to get rid of your unwanted shrubs, you're in the right place. We'll talk you through the removal process step by step so you can start working towards the garden of your dreams.

Cut back the foliage

To start with, you need to choose the right tool to cut the leaves and branches off the shrub. For smaller shrubs with thin branches, a pair of hand-held secateurs might do the job, but for larger shrubs with thicker branches, you may need to use a trusty saw or chainsaw. Remove as many branches as you can, making sure to cut right down to the trunk as you go. 

Time to dig

Once you're satisfied that the large majority of the branches have been removed, you can use a shovel to dig into the soil around your unwanted shrub. You'll probably notice that you severe some of the roots, but this will help you prise the shrub out of the ground later on - so don't worry about it. If you come across a particularly stubborn root that prevents you from digging any further, you may need to use an axe or your saw to cut through it.

Prising out the shrub

So, you've stripped your unwanted shrub of its foliage, and you've dug all the way around it. Now, you should find that the shrub's main trunk is incredibly loose and wobbly. This is perfect! You should be able to slide your spade under the trunk and lever it up and out of the soil.

Once the main part of the shrub has been removed, you can repeat your digging and cutting process to remove as much of the roots as possible. Bear in mind that well-established shrubs can have root systems that spread across your entire garden, so it's unlikely that you'll be able to remove all of them.


Help! I can't get rid of my unwanted shrub

Occasionally, you'll come across an unwanted shrub that's either too big or too stubborn to budge. You might even find that removing smaller shrubs by hand is too much work for you to do on your own, in which case, we'd recommend taking a look at our professional Weed, Shrub and Bramble Clearance Services


Our Weed, Shrub & Bramble Removal Services

We've got vegetation management specialist who've been removing shrubs and bushes from gardens for years! Our technicians will attend your home or give you a call to assess the unwanted shrubs and provide you with a quote for removal.

On the day of the removal, they'll attend your property and remove the unwanted shrubs as quickly and efficiently as possible, causing minimal damage to your surrounding garden.  

Once the shrubs have been removed, they'll provide you with expert advice to help prevent the shrubs from returning, and can even recommend a maintenance service to help you keep unwanted shrubs at bay!

Our weed shrub and bramble clearance services are available across South Wales and South West England. We've been looking after lawns and vegetation for years, so you can be confident that your garden will look it's best when we've finished with it!

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