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Weeds growing through pavement cracks

Weeds in the garden are a pain, but weeds in public places can be downright dangerous. It's important for councils to stay on top of their weeds - not only is it unsightly when weeds start sprouting up through the cracks in the pavement, it's also a potential trip hazard.


UK motorway road

We love plants, but as any gardener will tell you, they can be a nuisance when they grow in the wrong places.

It's especially crucial to keep roads clear of vegetation. All too often, weeds are allowed to flourish on roadsides until they're actually encroaching on the highway itself.


Electricity pylons and power lines

Plants can cause a lot of problems when they're left to grow unchecked. This is especially true of plants that lie close to power lines.


Just like residential and commercial properties, public property also requires care and maintenance to keep plant growth acceptable and prevent potential hazards to Joe Public walking the street.

This process is known as vegetation management. In short, vegetation management helps keep trees, shrubs and plants under control and rogue undergrowth at bay, keeping the world moving uninterrupted and uninhibited.

If you are responsible for public land or property that is accessible to the general public, you are also responsible for taking care of the greenery. A good vegetation management plan can help you do just that – and we know just the guys to do it for you!


vegetation management


What does a vegetation management plan include?

Vegetation management covers everything you would expect from a public green maintenance programme.

This typically includes typical maintenance tasks – like tree pruning, brush removal and weed control – as well as large-scale jobs, such as felling hazardous trees and implementation of protective measures near power lines.

Strategically planned to cause as little disruption as possible – before, during and after – vegetation management will keep unruly undergrowth from causing issues to the general public (such as blocking footpaths, etc.).

Meanwhile, a good vegetation management plan, carried out with care and attention, will provide efficient removal of unwanted overgrown greenery, while also taking care not to impede on wildlife or negatively affect the environment.


Vegetation management with Taylor Weed Control

At Taylor Weed Control, we have a vast amount of experience dealing with a wide array of environments across South Wales and South West England.

We’ve previously provided vegetation management services for a diverse variety of clients, ranging from local authorities and housing associations to charitable trusts and sports clubs.

Our services can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your landscape and your budget, ensuring you get the service that’s right for your property and your purpose.

Keep your property safe and presentable with Taylor Weed Control and a vegetation management plan that’s Taylor-made for you.


For more information on our vegetation management services, call 029 2039 7554 today to talk with one of our helpful team of experts. Alternatively, click the button below to request a FREE vegetation management survey now.

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