Japanese knotweed regulations

Can you get in trouble with the law if you have Japanese knotweed in your garden? Technically, no. There are no regulations stating that you have to remove Japanese knotweed from your own property.

However, you MUST NOT:

  • Let Japanese knotweed grow or spread into the wild.
  • Allow Japanese knotweed to spread from your garden into neighbouring gardens.

Failure to comply with either of these Japanese knotweed laws can lead to prosecution, a fine and/or imprisonment. Therefore, it is important that you put a proper plan of action in place if you do notice Japanese knotweed is growing on your property.

Currently, there are no laws stating Japanese knotweed infestations need to be reported, however, reporting the problem & notifying neighbours can prompt them to check their own gardens for signs of knotweed and get the problem resolved quickly. 

Japanese Knotweed UK Law - Treatment

Treating your Japanese knotweed

The most effective way of treating Japanese knotweed involves the use of pesticides. Anyone who chooses this method of treatment is bound by The Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 to ensure that all the necessary precautions are made to protect other human beings, animals and plant life.

To treat your own Japanese knotweed, you do not have to have Japanese knotweed qualifications, however, applying pesticides can be quite difficult for a gardening novice. If the Japanese knotweed is in a high traffic family garden or near to an open water source, it can be hard to know how much pesticide contamination is 'too much'.

Here at Taylor Weed Control, we always recommend leaving the treatment of Japanese knotweed to the professionals. We have been dealing with this invasive plant for over a decade, so we can get the job done quickly and efficiently without damaging the surrounding environments.

Professional Japanese knotweed treatment

There are Japanese knotweed laws in place to make sure that people treating knotweed commercially have the necessary Japanese knotweed eradication certificate. 

Companies offering a professional Japanese knotweed removal service must be certified to use, supply and store the specialist 'agricultural pesticides' required for the knotweed treatments. Operatives must also be properly trained in the application of these pesticides.

If a knotweed removal company employs an individual who doesn't have the proper Japanese knotweed qualifications, they can be supervised by a more senior member of staff (someone who does have their Japanese knotweed eradication certificates). The conditions of this require that they must be seen and be able to hear their supervisors instructions at all times.

Our Japanese Knotweed Qualifications

As one of the leading Japanese knotweed removal specialists in South Wales, we have gained a number of industry-recognised accreditations. All of our Japanese knotweed removal technicians are properly trained and qualified to complete their job, and that's why so many people choose us for their Japanese knotweed removal! 

We can offer you a FREE, no-obligation lawn survey to establish the extent of your Japanese knotweed problem, then we can treat it for you. This way, you won't have to concern yourself with the legalities and regulations of Japanese knotweed.

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