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Japanese Knotweed Removal in Newport

There’s a lot of Japanese knotweed in South Wales – in fact, it’s one of the UK’s worst-affected areas. This invasive species can be found on a lot of properties in Newport and the surrounding area.

If you’ve got Japanese knotweed in your garden, Taylor Total Weed Control can help. We are registered with the Property Care Association, and we have many years of experience treating Japanese knotweed throughout Newport and Gwent.

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Why you need to take action

Japanese knotweed is a highly invasive non-native plant that can grow very quickly – up to 10cm per day during the summer! It is capable of growing through small cracks in concrete and brickwork, which can result in structural damage; it has also been known to block pipes and even disrupt cables with its growth.

So if there is Japanese knotweed on your property, it’s important to take action quickly. But you shouldn’t attempt to remove the plant yourself.

Why can’t I do it myself?

Japanese knotweed is notoriously difficult to get rid of. You have to be extremely careful and extremely thorough – if even a single fragment of the rhizome root is left behind, this can grow into a whole new plant.

And if you make a mistake, you could end up helping Japanese knotweed to spread into the wild. This is punishable by a large fine or even prison time.

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Professional Japanese knotweed control in Newport and Gwent

If your property is affected by Japanese knotweed, contact Taylor Total Weed Control and we’ll deal with the problem properly.

As experienced Japanese knotweed contractors, we can:
  • Carry out an initial survey to confirm the presence of Japanese knotweed and assess the severity of the problem
  • Recommend a comprehensive treatment plan to get your knotweed under control
  • Eradicate your Japanese knotweed using specialist herbicides, or…
  • Remove your Japanese knotweed and dispose of it in accordance with the law
Our treatment plans come with an insurance-backed guarantee for added peace of mind.

We can also help if you’ve noticed Japanese knotweed in your neighbour’s garden and you want to make sure you’re covered in the event that it spreads onto your property.

Taylor Total Weed Control is a member of the Property Care Association (PCA), so you can rest assured that your case is in the hands a trusted invasive weed control specialist.

If you’re based in Newport (or nearby) and you have any questions or concerns about Japanese knotweed, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 029 2039 7554.
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