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Japanese Knotweed Removal in Birmingham

Did you know that Birmingham is one of the UK’s biggest hotspots for Japanese knotweed? The invasive plant has been identified dangerously close to dozens of Birmingham homes!

If you live in Birmingham and you think you’ve identified knotweed on or near your property, Taylor Total Weed Control can help. Registered with the Property Care Association, we can help to confirm the presence of Japanese knotweed near your Birmingham home and deliver an effective removal programme that ensures long-term eradication.

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Problems caused by Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed grows up to 10cm per day during the summer month, so it can cause a tremendous amount of problems for you and your home. Its bamboo-like stems are capable of growing through gaps in concrete and brickwork, leading to structural damage that can be incredibly expensive to fix. Knotweed also has a history of disrupting underground cables and blocking pipes.

Therefore, it is imperative to take action and contact a knotweed removal specialist as early as possible in order to minimise the risk of damage.

Can I remove Japanese knotweed myself?

We don’t recommend attempting to deal with a knotweed infestation yourself due to the extreme ease with which it can spread. One single rhizome can grow into a whole new plant that can cause havoc to your property as well as neighbouring properties.

To avoid this, it is recommended that you get in touch with an experienced, trustworthy removal service that can ensure no rhizomes are left behind.

More on Japanese Knotweed

Professional Japanese knotweed removal in Birmingham

If you believe your Birmingham property has been affected by the presence of Japanese knotweed, get in touch with Taylor Total Weed Control today!

By contacting us, you can take advantage of the following services:
  • An initial survey to confirm the presence of knotweed and an evaluation of the scale of the infestation.
  • A recommended treatment plan that will ensure effective control of the knotweed infestation.
  • Effective and efficient Japanese knotweed removal using either herbicides or excavation.
  • Proper disposal in line with current regulations to eliminate any future occurrences.

Our Birmingham Japanese knotweed treatment plans come with an insurance-backed guarantee that provides you with the peace of mind that even if we stop trading, your property will still be covered. You can learn more about our knotweed guarantee here.

If you live in or near Birmingham and you’ve spotted Japanese knotweed near your property, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the friendly professionals here at Taylor Total Weed Control. Call us on 029 2039 7554 for a FREE survey.
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