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Japanese Knotweed Removal in Bristol & Somerset

Bristol is one of the UK’s biggest Japanese knotweed hotspots. But don’t panic – if Japanese knotweed is growing on your property, Taylor Total Weed can remove it for you.

We provide a professional Japanese knotweed management service for homeowners and businesses in Bristol and Somerset. Our experienced knotweed specialists know how to get this invasive plant species under control, and we offer a range of treatment plans to suit your requirements.

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Is there Japanese knotweed on your property?

The Somerset County Council website describes Japanese knotweed as "a highly vigorous and hardy weed which can grow almost anywhere". This non-native plant has green leaves and a dense stem that looks similar to bamboo. Clusters of small white flowers appear during the summer months.

(Note that there are several other plants that look like Japanese knotweed – if you’re uncertain, our knotweed experts can visit your property in Bristol or Somerset confirm the plant’s identity for you.)

If you do have Japanese knotweed in your garden, it’s important to act quickly and seek specialist advice. The plant can grow very quickly, and if it’s not handled correctly, you may accidentally help it to spread – in which case you may be looking at a hefty fine or even imprisonment.

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How can Taylor Total Weed Control help?

We offer a professional Japanese knotweed management service at a reasonable price. Our qualified knotweed specialists have removed this invasive plant from many properties across Bristol and Somerset.

As a registered member of the Property Care Association (PCA), Taylor Total Weed Control is the company to call if you’re worried about Japanese knotweed. We can provide expert advice and assistance in the following situations:
  • You’ve found Japanese knotweed in your garden

  • There’s Japanese knotweed in your neighbour’s garden, and you’re worried it will spread onto your property

  • You’re buying / selling a property in Bristol or Somerset that’s affected by Japanese knotweed

  • You are involved in a dispute concerning Japanese knotweed and you need an expert witness to testify on your behalf

  • You need a survey to confirm whether or not there is Japanese knotweed in a specific area
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If you live near Bristol and you’re in need of a professional Japanese knotweed removal service, call Taylor Total Weed Control on 029 2039 7554
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