Taylor Total Weed Control Services

Taylor Total Weed Control Services

Our Main Services Include:

Commercial Weed Control

Commercial Moss Removal

Sports Ground/Pitch Maintenance

Japanese Knotweed Removal

Our Extended Services Include:

  • Free on site analysis and surveys.
  • Application of Liquid herbicide for control for all weeds and grasses on hard surfaces, car parks etc
  • Applications to control Japanese knotweed.
  • Applications to clear all vegetation from sites.
  • Applications of Liquid selective herbicide for weed control in lawns, paddocks and sports fields.
  • Applications to control, ragwort, docks, nettles, buttercup and other undesirable equestrian weeds.
  • Moss control on hard surfaces and lawns.
  • Algae control and removal on hard surfaces.
  • Applications of slow controlled release fertilisers to improve the health and appearance of your grassed areas.
  • Aeration of ground to improve ventilation and surface drainage.
  • Scarification to remove thatch.
  • Application of appropriate disease and fungi control to grassed areas.
  • Application of appropriate treatment to control Insects such as  Leather jackets, Chafer grubs, Ants.

Contract Services

Taylor Total Weed Control Ltd has been invited to tender and won numerous contracts with Organisations who want a specialised weed control service.

Among our customers we have some who require just one treatment a year at the cost of a few pounds to customers who require several applications per year over a period of several years.

If you have any questions or would like to make enquiries about our Contract services even if you think you only require a one off treatment please do not hesitate to contact us.

We can respond and arrange a prompt free site survey and provide you with a written quotation to match your budget.