Sectors Served

Sectors Served


Taylor Total Weed Control is aware that each client irrespective of their size has a problem which may be specific to them. Taylor Total Wed Control Ltd has the flexibility to assess develop and provide a comprehensive range of services to:

  • A private householder or landlord with a small weed or insect control problem.
  • A local authority or housing association that requires housing estate weed control services.
  •  Industry we can provide site, estate clearance and maintenance services.
  • Highways control of roadside weeds and encroaching weeds / vegetation in inaccessible places.
  • Industrial and commercial facility management companies. Control of weeds vegetation, moss and algae control.
  •  Schools, Colleges and Hospitals, weed, moss and algae control.
  • Railways, controlling encroaching vegetation control.

Irrespective of the size of your problem Taylor Total Weed Control Ltd will arrange to survey your problem and provide you with a free site evaluation and quotation.

We can provide individual treatments to eradicate problems where appropriate on a single one off basis or work with the client to develop a cost effective weed control strategy involving a programmed schedule of treatments (with an appropriate frequency of visits over the year). We can work directly for the client or on a subcontract basis to landscapers and developers

We are experienced and have qualified staff who use the latest products, equipment and observe the highest standards of health and safety, quality control and environmental awareness.