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Pitch & Sports Grounds Maintenance in Cardiff South Wales

Pitch & Sports Grounds Maintenance in Cardiff South Wales

Commercial Weed Killer Solutions

As problematic and difficult as weeds are, they can be safely, effectively and relatively cheaply removed - permanently!

Sports clubs mainly fall into three categories. Organisations with professional knowledgeable staff who can handle the majority of the day to day work and problems.

Organisation that have some professional staff and a limited range of equipment that allows them to handle the day to day maintenance but are limited when it comes to any problems they have not handled before, that may require specialist treatment.

Organisations that are run by Volunteers with little equipment Providing they do not encounter any extraordinary problems most clubs can do the basics very well.

Taylor Total Weed Control  Ltd have assisted all three types of organisations over the years and provided specialist treatments or basic treatments as appropriate and as required.

We have the specialist equipment, knowledge and access to products that may beyond the scope of most sports clubs. We provide specialist weed and / or moss control for a number of football, rugby, cricket and bowls clubs.

South Wales Sports Grounds - Our Ongoing Commitment

We keep up to date with improvements in products, application techniques and equipment to ensure we offer a professional efficient service to our customers.

Take Advantage of Our Free Survey

Our free treatment survey is open to all commercial customers in the greater South Wales area. Simply give us a call and we'll arrange a convenient time to carry out a detailed examination and survey.  We'll leave you with the results of the survey and a free no obligation quotation should any work be required.

Whatever your company needs we can produce a solution and action plan to remedy your weed problem that's fast, efficient, and economically realistic.

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